Sleep disorders – Sleep better with hypnosis

Treat sleep disorders with hypnosis

The cycle of brooding

Did I turn off the stove? What time does the meeting start tomorrow? How much longer can I sleep before I have to get up? Sleep disorders always creep in slowly. Medical experts officially speak of a disorder only after 4 weeks, whereby problems with falling asleep or waking up must be present on more than 4 days. A chamomile tea can help, an audio book, or the old familiar sheep counting.

An effective and long-lasting alternative to sleeping pills – which lead to addiction and only address the symptoms, not the root of the problem – is cause-oriented, scientifically recognized hypnotherapy.

Hypnosis against sleep disorders

Your subconscious, which also takes over during sleep, fulfils a decisive role: in a trance, which is close to the moment before falling asleep and waking up, we confront your problem. Your critical consciousness is put out of action, you can gently open up to new ways of seeing. With the help of a hypnosis anchor, you will learn sleep techniques that you can use over and over again. For example, you can learn to completely block out background noise. Your subconscious already carries all the resources: we just need to “wake them up”.

The Tewes technique for your healthy sleep


Whether you have trouble falling asleep or sleeping through the night, we will solve it with the help of my newly developed Tewes technique. We care about your deep relaxation, because a healthy sleep pattern is essentially based on it. I use a variation of my technique that fits your theme and personality structure. Close your eyes and let yourself fall – then you will soon feel the same when you sleep.

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