Treat tinnitus with hypnosis

Hypnosis is used to help improve the way the ear noise is managed. Hypnosis can help people suffering from decompensated tinnitus to transform it into compensated tinnitus, i.e. a tolerable ear noise.

Treat tinnitus with hypnosis

Break the cycle

Often the developing ear noises after a hearing loss are perceived as very stressful and the affected persons develop additional fears. These fears have a tinnitus-intensifying effect and should be treated with hypnosis in order to break the cycle of stressful ear noise and fear at an early stage. It is important to know for those affected by a hearing loss with tinnitus that the distressing perception of the ringing in the ears improves significantly over time and that the initial phase is usually the most distressing. Particularly in the initial phase, the newly arising ear noises appear to be especially stressful and a focus on the noise intensifies the symptomatology. Over time, the intensity of the sound usually decreases significantly and it is perceived only intermittently.

Working through stress with hypnosis


If there are no physical causes for ringing in the ears, it can be a case of tinnitus caused by psychological stress. In this case, hypnosis will be used to work on the stressful factors and feelings in order to indirectly improve the ringing in the ears.

By learning self-hypnosis, you also have the opportunity to play a part in improving the way you deal with ringing in your ears. Self-hypnosis can be used to modulate ear noise and reduce stress.