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Tina Haseney:

“Absolutely recommended! Kiez Hypnosis is completely transparent and grounded and is just something completely liberating, something that makes you happy while keeping you completely grounded in reality.”

Sarah Peters:

“Kiez Hypnosis has freed me from my anxiety and panic attacks and given me a new lease on life! Years of anxiety and panic attacks, insecurity and self-doubt came to a head until one day I couldn’t leave my apartment at all. I let my fears rule my life. And it would have been – I know today – so easy to break out of this vicious circle. The approach of cause-oriented hypnosis fascinated and convinced me at the same time. There was no suitable therapist! A well-founded education was very important to me, because I didn’t want to let just anyone touch my subconscious. Consequently, I quickly became aware of Kiez Hypnose. But the consistently positive reviews seemed way too good for me – me being a rather skeptical person. They are all written by myself I thought and so Kiez Hypnose was quickly sorted out. – A blessing that things turned out differently after all. 🙂 I sought contact with other hypnotherapists. One thought behavioral therapy was appropriate up front. Another wanted to do “10 sessions” with me “for now” and then see. They were not really sure that they could help me effectively with just a few sessions! Or they were not working in a cause-oriented way. This is not how I had imagined it. Well, you can call Kiez Hypnose…Already the phone call was very pleasant. Bernhard took all the time he needed. Understood my situation immediately. He was sure to work with me right away! Bernhard’s sympathetic, warm, non-judgmental manner won me over immediately. His confidence made me feel good! Sweating, heart palpitations, fainting. Physical symptoms that I have also experienced all and although they certainly occurred in any social situation, in the rooms of Kiez Hypnose I experienced – to my great surprise – from the beginning strangely no fear! The warm, cordial and detailed furnished practice quickly gives you a feeling of security! Those who have not been able to leave their apartment for a long time, yes, it costs quite a bit of effort to leave the apartment the first time. I too was miserable on the way to his office! But take that step! He’ll be worth it. And to all those who can still leave their home but still fight every day with all their strength against their fears. This battle cannot be won alone. I, too, have tried. Don’t let it get to the point I let it get to. Don’t give away so much precious life time. Be proactive beforehand and seek help. It will be worth it, life can be so beautiful! Bernhard had arranged 4 sessions with me, so that I was already able to go out among people without fears after the 1st session! The madness. I wouldn’t have dreamed of it before. This was followed by 3 more very intense sessions. From session to session I felt freer! better, more confident! I now feel a sense of life like I have never experienced before. Free, unselfconscious and confident. Public transport, the queue at the checkout in the supermarket, crowds. All no more fearful situations for me. Even though I am absolutely convinced of Bernhard. He’s not a magician. You’ll have to make your own way. To be able to walk this path, it needs your will! You will embark on an exciting journey to find yourself . It will be a process, not every day will be sunny! but you will be rewarded with so much positive energy and freedom that it will be worth it to walk the path. The intensive preparation, the self-hypnosis for home, learning self-help tools. At Kiez Hypnosis I just got such a wonderful complete package! Bernhard, thank you so much! It was such an exciting trip and I couldn’t have asked for a better guide!!! ;)”

Andreas Hernandez:

“My ideas and expectations were far exceeded at Kiez Hypnosis. Right after the first session I felt lighter and more carefree in everyday life. However, the fact that after only 4 days my blockade, which had developed over the years, would practically dissolve, was something I had never expected even in my wildest dreams. My very beautiful and intense experiences in the second and third sessions helped me to rid myself of years of emotional baggage and let go of certain aspects in my past. Now, a week after my last session, I do indeed feel free and happy for the first time in a long time. Thanks for your help, Bernhard!”

Jana P:

“My session with Bernhard was a few months ago now and I can say: the blockages are still gone and the lightness still lasts. I struggled with a variety of phobias for several years, which eventually became very noticeable through physical symptoms. Riding in completely overcrowded subways, for example, was one of them. My last hope was hypnosis, because above all I did not know what had triggered these phobias. And I’m annoyed that I didn’t take that step much sooner. That would have saved a lot of energy. Bernhard already gave me a very good feeling and above all security during the first telephone call. I was quite nervous at the first session, but that quickly subsided and the relaxation set in very quickly during the conversation in his office. This is due in no small part to the relaxed atmosphere of his practice and his very friendly approach to conversation. We laughed a lot. 🙂 The hypnosis itself was different than expected and in no way corresponds to these typical TV mass hypnoses. It felt like power napping wrapped in cotton wool. It was very surprising for me what my subconscious is able to do and which sequences from my life it uses for this. During the hypnosis itself I already noticed small changes – positive ones, to be sure. As I left the office, I stood still for a moment to check if I was consciously noticing anything. I had felt stronger in each and then went home. Then all of a sudden, sitting on the subway in the middle of rush hour, completely relaxed, I clearly noticed the change. I was absolutely speechless. With the 2 following sessions we were able to release other blockages and the positive result still continues. Simply amazing! I have already told friends and colleagues about my sessions with Bernhard and can really recommend him highly. Thanks for your help Bernhard!”

Ralf Wellner:

“My treatment was already in June (3 months ago) and I waited until today to be able to really assess the lasting effect of your treatment (I’ll just call it that now) 100%. As an experience I like to pass on the following: Bernhard reduced my problem to the essential and freed me from it, respectively he showed me how to free myself. I’ll be honest, I didn’t really believe before that I could be helped, but this feeling disappeared after the first phone call with you and a trust and a belief arose that was absolutely confirmed. You only needed 3 sessions ! Dear Bernhard please keep up the good work, your work is really worth every penny and honestly, when I see the result on me and every day again I would come back anytime and also pay significantly more money to get an appointment with you. You have changed my life again, or rather brought me back to where I am well again. Thank you so much for that. LG Ralf W.”

Elena Muhazeze:

“Dear Bernhard, It has now been a month and a half since my first session with you and I am still as enthusiastic as the first day. Thank you so much for helping me so much. I found the two sessions with you very pleasant and it was really fun – also the exercises in the second session were highly interesting and really brought me further in life. I’m still amazed at how simple these are and what they can do. Hypnosis made the “problems” that had been bothering me for a few years seem to vanish into thin air. Since the first session with you, I feel freed from it, no longer know any associated negative feelings and thoughts. There is so much more quality of life in my life because of your help! I’m always grateful to you for that. I will gladly recommend you to others at any time. If I had known how easy this was, I would have come over much sooner! 🙂 Best regards and all the best for your future, Elena”.

Verena Stein:

“My experience at Kiez Hypnose Berlin was positive throughout. Starting with the contact, the preparation, the one-time practice, and the sessions. Everything is very serious. But what ultimately matters to me as a head person is the result. Here I am fully satisfied and was even surprised at first. After years of psychotherapy, there was some change in my understanding of my problems, but little change in my emotional experience. My 4 sessions are now over a year ago and I now allow myself to speak of a lasting success. Thank you for your professional work!”

Ummi Seny:

“Dear Bernhard! I’m incredibly glad I decided to go with the Kiez hypnosis! To encourage many others for their treatment, I would also like to share with you my experience at Hypnosis Session Bernhard. For 3 years, anxiety and panic were my daily unloved companions. I had been through a few therapies, unfortunately nothing helped. I didn’t feel any changes. Where I was already so desperate and slowly losing hope, I came across KIEZ Hypnosis by chance on the Internet. I made an appointment right away. After only two sessions my environment spoke to me about my positive charisma and energetic mood. The fact that I live in Vienna was not an obstacle for me and after four sessions I feel like new born. Now I not only have a new lease on life, but I really enjoy my life. Not only have I regained my confidence, but I have big plans for my future. The anxiety and panic, depressed mood is gone! I’m more positive. It was really worth every penny ! It’s especially nice to have learned so many things in therapy that you can apply steadily. Thank you so, so much!”

Michael Müller (Burnout):

“It was great !!! My problem: I could not find my “off switch”. Up at 2:30 every night and in my mind I was constantly at work. I had been blaming myself for mistakes I didn’t make. …. I was wearing a jacket that would never fit me. That kind of thing, in the long run, is not good. I’m in my mid 50’s now. 5 years ago I had a burn out and in November 2015 I was on the verge of a heart attack…. Got 2 stents. Bernhard has been able to help me very, very much! After just the first, of 3 sessions, I felt more powerful and confident. Now, after 4-5 months, I still feel very comfortable and more and more fit. He continues to hone his technique while still remaining a trusted partner. There are some negative (but false) preconceptions about hypnosis – check out his promo videos! He is NOT a magician, but ONE helper if you want it and allow it. I, for me, had little choice. I didn’t want to cram any more chemicals into me…. And it worked. I am very, very glad I did!!! Bernhard is a class guy and does a super great job!!!! ;-)”

Jens Nordhof:

“After a long research for a good hypnotist in Berlin, I had decided to have a session with Bernhard at the end of last year. The reason for this was a blockage in the decision-making process for my future career. After a short initial consultation without obligation, the decision was not difficult for me. Bernhard made a very sympathetic impression and seemed extremely competent. Since I have been dealing with the topic of personality development and NLP for quite some time, I already had some touch points with hypnosis before my first encounter with Bernhard. However, I have to say that no hypnotist has ever put me into as deep a hypnotic state as Bernhard has. Several factors are decisive for this: Firstly, Bernhard is a really good hypnotist. In addition, there is the atmosphere in his “practice”. This is very tastefully and originally furnished. The style is characterized by a mixture of colonial style and Southeast Asian ambience. The icing on the cake, however, is Bernard’s in-house audio system “HypnoExperience”. HypnoExperience is characterized by the fact that the subject wears headphones during hypnosis. Thus Bernhard’s voice, amplified by a microphone, is perceived much more clearly and intensively. In addition, there is music conducive to relaxation, which Bernhard mixes in live during the hypnosis. The dramaturgy of the hypnotic ritual is thus underpinned and further intensified. The special highlight of the whole thing, however, is the subwoofer built into the Zero Gravity Chair. Carried by the vibration, the “audio layer” of the hypnosis is also anchored via another sensory channel. Apart from the extremely positive and relaxing experience I have had during my three sessions so far, I have to say that they have helped me progress extremely within a very short time. The first two sessions followed about a week apart. A few weeks after that, I had a new job, which was a huge developmental boost for me. Almost at the same time I ran into my new partner quite unexpectedly. A few weeks after starting my new job, I had a third meeting with Bernhard, which helped me to come to terms with my new overall situation. All in all, incredible, or at least amazing. Summa summarum in Invest that was worth it!”

To How:

“With Bernhard, the gut feeling was right for me right from the start. That’s why I chose him, even though he has a long waiting time (which is also in his favour, but the pressure of suffering was quite high 🙂 so I was a bit impatient). The good feeling was absolutely confirmed. Bernhard is an absolute professional who accompanies you safely and understandingly and always at eye level. His method of combining hypnosis with music was a really special experience for me (although I have often worked with hypnosis). My issue has cleared up quite differently (and much more easily!!) with his help than I ever thought it would and the increase in quality of life is hard to put into words. I can only recommend it to everyone to be worth it. 🙂 Thank you very much, Bernhard!”

Beate Bohmbach:

“I felt very comfortable in Bernhard’s practice. It is cozy and quiet, moreover super variable equipped. Bernhard himself has a high degree of empathy and the necessary sensitivity even for delicate issues. Already in the run-up there was a lot of information and exchange and also later I always had the feeling to be taken seriously. I would like to emphasize positively in particular that Bernhard was prepared for me and my topics at all appointments, so that a personal and individual hypnosis could take place at all. Therefore, my absolute recommendation without reservation :-)”

Andrea Petznick (non-smoker):

“I am now a non-smoker, thanks Bernhard!!! Kiez Hypnose Berlin was one of my most beautiful experiences, first contact via the Internet (super appearance), Bernhard calls back and great conversation that builds trust and takes the first uncertainties. Second contact via questionnaire, which is really well thought out until the appointment confirmation The final meeting takes place in a great atmosphere, everything is right! Everything fits! I remain a non-smoker, thank you Bernhard !!!”

Gabriele Ahrling (Blockades):

“I want to specifically thank Bernhard here for showing me the way to a new way of life. I have been able to remove my blocks and I can only advise everyone: Whatever your goal is you can do it. Bernhard will accompany you on the right path for a while. Yes, it’s quite expensive. But only you can decide if the achievement of your goals is worth the price. I’m still a little surprised that it worked out so great, but I’m learning about it every day. I know that many people first try many other ways to solve their problem. With this experience, all I can say is take the shortcut, with the help of hypnosis you can achieve your goals!”

Hanna Fiand:

I want to tell you about my hypnosis session with Bernhard, because my experience was very interesting. My change process started already during the preparation, with the filling out of Bernhard’s questionnaire. I took my time, sat down and answered all the questions at my leisure and with writing down thoughts I have become more aware of my problem than ever before. It’s not as if I couldn’t have grasped where my fears were coming from before, until now I wouldn’t have been able to pinpoint it like that. So first of all I gained a lot of clarity, a big step in an important direction, because understand your problem and you can address it! In the weeks that followed leading up to the hypnosis session, I actively did things to help me feed my greatest unmet need. I came to the meeting already with a different basic feeling. Bernhard welcomed me friendly and open – there was lemongrass tea to arrive – I felt trusted and taken care of. For my trip I could choose a seat of my choice, I chose a big rocking chair with vibration function and got a warm blanket. Guided by Bernhard’s voice, I fell into a trance-like state relatively quickly. The warmth of the blanket and the vibration of the rocking chair helped me to relax and let go. If I had to find a word for the state in hypnosis, I would choose “peace”. I felt right and good, there was no room for worry or doubt. After the session I felt cleansed, as if I had hit the reset button on the hard drive and now had a “decluttered” connection to myself. I feel totally empowered! I am not free of all my fears and worries, but I have gained a new perspective on them – the certainty that I can let go of them. By experiencing myself in this completely detached state, I have come to realize that this perfectly calm and balanced place is inherent in me, and hypnosis and meditation are a practice, or tool for balance and well-being, that I can train to get into such a sense of well-being faster and faster. Man, that was really great! Thanks Bernhard, you did a great job!”

Diana D (non-smoker):

“I did the hypnosis for smoking cessation and have not had a second craving for a cigarette since. Bernhard’s suggestions work, it’s almost like a miracle! I am very grateful that I took this step and I felt in good hands with Bernhard. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to finally quit smoking without the agony – it’s well worth the investment!”

Robert Gebser (Child Hypbosis):

“We visited Kiez Hypnosis as our youngest daughter had developed severe anxiety. Unfortunately, school psychologists couldn’t get to you. Mr. Tewes quickly managed to arrange and explain everything in a way that was suitable for children. She still reads through her “spells” daily and is proud of your success. Thank you.”

Maritta Pietzsch (non-smoker):

“Thank you !!! For almost 6 months I am now smoke-free and very happy with it. After 20 years of smoking and multiple self-attempts to stop smoking, Kiez Hypnose has made it. After initial uncertainty, whether hypnosis is really the way, Bernhard could convince. Thank you, thank you, thank you”.

Luisa F:

“First of all, a big thank you to Bernhard!

I turned to him at a stage in my life out of deep insecurity and self-doubt. Despite all the excitement, I immediately felt well understood and in good hands during the first session due to Bernhard’s professional but also authentic manner. After the very first session I felt endorphin overloaded and had courage to change my life.

After three sessions of Kiez Hypnosis I feel grounded, at peace with myself, I trust myself, I am more open towards myself and my fellow human beings. My blockages dissolved and I have a completely different positive view of my future, because Bernhard in the hypnosis in the depths of my subconscious grew a seed of basic trust.

I can only highly recommend everyone to have this unique experience for themselves.”

Hans-Ulrich Schmiegelt (weight reduction):

“Just over 2 weeks ago I had a hypnosis session with Bernhard Tewes. It was all about getting my weight problem under control. The session has had a positive impact on my life so far. My attitude towards food and drink has changed. I eat and drink more consciously and feel better about it. In addition, I have already lost 3 kg. That makes happy! Many thanks for the excellent support! HU Schmiegelt.”

Giogio Casino (non-smoking):

“Dear Bernhard, I went to see you in January for smoking cessation hypnosis. I haven’t smoked since the two hours in your office and I haven’t missed it. After almost thirty years of smoking, I left your practice a non-smoker. Many thanks again for this!

And best regards Georg”

Pavel Becker:

“Dear Bernhard, thank you so much for a great first session. In my opinion, what you’re offering is “state of the art” in hypnosis. Through the preparatory conversation and the good explanation of the process, I was able to let go very well, despite initial doubts about whether it would work at all, and some blockages were solved. By the way, often enjoy your audio self-hypnoses – I get into them much better now too since our session. Thanks again! 🙂 Now I’m eagerly waiting for the app you announced…. best regards from Kreuzberg, Pavel”

Felix Steck:

“Thank you so much! Kiez Hypnosis does amazing things! Super personable and knowledgeable!”


Gudrun Simon:

“During a collegial professional discussion, Bernhard offered me a self-experience in his newly developed hypnosis technique called HypnoExperience. As a clinical art therapist (B.A.) and trauma therapist I know about the effect of trance states in theory as well as from my own experience in practice. From this state, enormous creative energies are released in the creative flow process and new things, even “great things” can arise. I am also familiar with experiences of happiness through inner contemplation and meditation. However, since I had never been put into hypnosis by external stimuli, I was particularly curious and interested, but not without a certain amount of skepticism. So I gladly accepted this offer, and it was to prove to be an intense and enriching experience. I felt in good hands with Bernhard right from the start. During the hypnosis session I perceived a pleasant humming that put me into a state that can best be described as primal trust: A basal body awareness of the most pleasant kind. With Bernhard’s voice I went on a journey into the subconscious, without a feeling of loss of control, because my consciousness was not switched off, but acted as a silent companion or observer on the way, so to speak. This gave me the necessary security and confidence to feel unnecessary and burdensome ballast, let it go and then open up to an indescribably beautiful feeling of happiness. After all the heaviness, irrepressible lightness and joy spread: it was an inner Ronja Räubertochter spring cry. After the session I was a bit confused, slightly dizzy and energized. Sleep was out of the question that night. My body was still very much under power and electrified for days afterwards. I had the impression that my psyche was lagging behind my body a bit or was still busy with saying goodbye and letting go of various things. But Bernhard’s words resonated in me, that now a small oven was burning in me, which continued to work, and also the very familiar feeling was there. After a few weeks and months I can say in retrospect that a process of change was set in motion by this hypnosis. Once you have felt so much power, energy and happiness inside, you are more aware of it in difficult situations. With HypnoExperience, Bernard has developed a method that quickly and effectively activates the inner resources (sources of strength) that exist within us and allows them to be felt.”

Thomas Schneider (Blockades):

“It is now a few weeks ago where I had my 3rd session with Bernhard where it was to dissolve my very strong blockages. And Wauuw he did it, I have a completely new outlook on life with new possibilities I never saw before!!!! Thanks to you Bernhard for your work, since our first meeting in January you have made a lasting impact on my life. thank you very much keep up the good work! Thomas”

Peter Fleck (non-smoker):

“35 years of smoking, the last 10 years 2 packs a day, uncontrollable smoker’s cough 24/7 and noticeable physical decline – these were my motivations to seriously quit smoking. All attempts including e-cigarettes failed miserably. Through word of mouth I came across hypnosis and thus Bernhard. My positive first impression from the homepage, telephone calls and e-mail correspondence was completely confirmed on site during the session. Without any previous reference to hypnosis, what actually happens there, does it work for me at all – 1000 questions about the uncertainty during and after the session, I was quickly faced with the decision – yes or no. The inner voice said yes and I decided to go for it. The inner voice said yes and I did it. Bernhard made the two-hour session competent, empathetic, professional and also exciting. In the end I destroyed all smoking paraphernalia and have been completely smoke free ever since. I don’t know why hypnosis makes the withdrawal symptoms fade into insignificance, I honestly don’t care – the important thing for me is that it worked, that I went from being a chain smoker to a non-smoker with one hypnosis session with Bernhard. Anyone who is serious about doing it is in the right place !!!”

Patric Tavanti:

“I have been to Kiez Hypnosis for 3 sessions a year ago. And now again! And again I am very enthusiastic about the direct and quick connection to my unconscious, which Mr. Bernhard Tewes as a hypnotist is able to establish with just a few words and his pleasant, calm voice. The practice as well as the atmospheric framework, which carries throughout the session and offers security, gives peace and trust. I was able to be guided well, without fears or insecurities. And I quickly got to the core of my questions and issues that have been bothering me for a while without finding a solution to them. With the calm, patient and expert support I quickly found new aspects and backgrounds to my difficulties, which also gave me new ways of looking at the problem. That in itself was an enormous relief. At the end of the session I felt how much ballast and sadness had fallen off me. If a few involuntary tears came at the beginning, I was smiling just as involuntarily by the end. I felt deep gratitude. And I felt a freshness and lightness, confidence and joy in myself, for which alone the session was worthwhile. This physical as well as mental sensation lasted for several days afterwards and even now, after a few weeks, I feel a different serenity in dealing with everyday challenges. I may not have found a definitive answer to the question I came with after one session, but I do notice that I have been practicing different thinking and a different way of dealing with challenges ever since. I can clearly see the great step forward in my development that I have made thanks to professional help! For that I say: Thank you very much! I’ll be back soon for sure!”

Philip lk (child hypnosis):

“Right from the first appointment, our son had a very good feeling which was confirmed during the therapy. Mr. Tewes fully addressed the issue and also questioned it. He was very fascinated by the therapy and hardly had anything to do with his problem the day after. He then still took the second appointment, which then brought success. Thank you for that. Hypnosis with Mr. Tewes is highly recommended :D”

Astrid Stebich:

“This was my second time at Bernhard’s, and it’s just great! Feeling free, that’s exactly the right word for it, leaving the pressures of everyday life behind, and being able to enjoy what you do again!!! Thank you so much for this, I highly recommend Kiez Hypnosis!”

Pawel Hunek:

“This was the second hypnosis I have done with Bernhard recently and I have to say that it is just brilliant – no matter where you want to go in this journey. Great stuff!”

Sabine Roth (non-smoker):

“Dear Bernhard, thanks to your help I am smoke-free for over a year! The session went like a flash and when I was standing on the street I thought well… at the latest in 10 meters I want to smoke…. but ha! Never the need again, but also no disgust for smokers, you can even smoke in my car with the window open. It was a unique experience and I am happy every day that I am no longer at the ” I’m hanging on by a thread. best regards Sabine”

jools w:

“My positive feeling after browsing his website, was confirmed both on the phone and throughout the preparation. In his practice it is then simply to feel good. He explains hypnosis in such a clear and understandable way that all my scepticism disappeared and I was just looking forward to my hypnosis. Of course, the excitement remains beforehand and always the question whether it will work for me at all. Then in the session itself, I was blown away when I then realized that my subconscious had taken control! I even had to laugh during the hypnosis, which is quite possible, because I am not unconscious during it, as I know now. Hypnosis is a great thing and I’m finally motivated again to tackle the things I’ve been putting off for so long.”

Suzanne Rohrmann-Irmler:

“I have never been to hypnosis before. Heard about how hypnosis can help with my problem very well. After researching and evaluating testimonials and reviews, my path led me to Kiez Hypnosis and thus to Mr. Tewes!!!! It was sensational. I have a completely new attitude towards life. After the extremely professional and competent care and hypnosis by him. The practice was so comfortable, I didn’t even want to leave ;-). Result of my evaluation: i can’t think of a better hypnotist, even if i don’t have a comparison, i would never go anywhere else!!!”

Matthias Lotz (non-smoker):

“Excellent, I have been smoke free for 3 months now and can recommend it to any smoker who wants to quit. I had already heard from others that they had managed through hypnosis. I was a little skeptical at first, but since I’ve known Bernhard for a long time, I decided to give it a try. He was able to quickly take away my scepticism and moreover convince me that it works. The educational talk was very helpful. I’m happy to have taken this step and I’ve now been able to rid myself of this vice.”

Annett Marie:

“Due to previous bad experiences, I went to Bernhard with relatively low expectations. It was to be my last attempt to free myself from annoying habits and compulsions. And it worked!! In the common conversation there was immediately a common level, so that I could always confide in him completely. After 4 sessions I am now to the point where I feel stable enough to continue working on my stories on my own. A whole new attitude to life! Should there be new, difficult situations to deal with in the future that I don’t feel I can handle on my own, I will gladly go back to him. Thanks for everything, Bernhard!”

Melanie Ullmann:

“It’s been about a month since my last hypnosis & I have to say that I continue to feel a positive change. Despite the price, which may put some off, I highly recommend the sessions. For me, it was one of the best investments I made in my personal development.”

Ralf Kowartke (child hypnosis):

“I went to see Bernhard with my son (age 7) for restless nights. Bernhard was able to help us a lot. With his calm, empathetic and pragmatic manner (and his great set up practice!) he quickly found a good approach to my son. I particularly liked how well he was able to adapt to the child, no dogmatism, no “but that’s the way it has to be now”, but in a child-friendly and friendly way. Enjoyed it very much!”

Kadi Anonymous:

“I can highly recommend Kiez-Hypnose if you have a big burden with you or want to tackle a longer issue to solve it for you. My experience with Bernhard was very positive and I felt very comfortable and competent from the appointment to the end of the sessions. Bernhard knows how to create a trusting and emphatic atmosphere right from the start. He immediately recognized the core of my problem and empathetically accompanied me in my processing. After each session I noticed that the burden became less and less and I could take a lot of positive energy with me. It was a great experience and I can recommend hypnosis as a supportive method for every topic that is a burden.”

Andreas Höck:

“Despite some initial scepticism, I had three really good and intense sessions that paid off for me in many ways. Thanks a lot! A.H.”

Veronica Silver Moon (Fears):

“Right off the bat, the second session was the best for me. That constant fear and brooding that had me so down is finally gone! Otherwise, I immediately felt very comfortable and in good hands in Bernhard’s practice. He has this beautiful gift of being able to empathize with his clients, which helped me open up a lot, because it was the first time I talked about my problems to a person who was a complete stranger to me. Now it’s really easy for me. At the beginning I was very nervous, but the calm, positive and explanatory manner quickly made me trust her. Thanks again! Many love greetings.”

Mats Böring (non-smoker):

“Six months of not smoking speaks for itself. Thanks for the great feeling and safety! I also diligently recommend you to my circle of friends and family, who can’t believe how easy it’s been for me, when I was hardly ever seen without a smoke before.”

Karen Seel:

“totaaal cozy practice in our beautiful petersburg neighborhood. I discovered it by chance when I went to the pharmacy there in the doctor’s house. you’ve only just moved there, I believe. Anyway, I feel much better and something incriminating has left me that I didn’t know what it was. the saying “live more freely” fits really well. my favorite of all your relaxation furniture is still the hammock, but also the test lying on the other relaxation furniture was great. so 5 stars from me for the whole package + a big thank you! 😉 lg”

Sara Noack:

“the best decision i have ever made. after a traumatic experience, years ago, i felt i couldn’t move on. i had been thinking about trying hypnosis for a while and that’s when i discovered kiez-hypnosis. I already felt understood and in good hands during the first conversation on the phone. the first appointment an incredibly positive experience. I felt comfortable and safe. Bernhard led me so well through the hypnosis that I could really let myself fall. Positive changes were already noticeable after the first session. i haven’t felt this good and free for a very long time, dealing with the trauma. i am going into a new fear free life and can only say it was worth my health to me. professional work, very nice practice, very good support, ……… I can only report positive things and I am looking forward to being smoke-free soon, thanks to kiez-hypnosis.”

Astrid Schulz:

“As the number of stars indicates, I was very pleased with the performance of Kiez Hypnose. Various changes in my life have pushed me to my personal limits. I wanted to finally reconnect with myself and find clarity in my decisions. I honestly had concerns about whether hypnosis would work for me, as I’m quite a head person and don’t like to relinquish control. Bernhard welcomed me in a friendly manner and we first talked about my requirements for hypnosis and during this conversation I already noticed how I became calmer and more relaxed inside, which is probably simply due to Bernhard’s nice and competent charisma. He patiently answered all my questions. The effect of the session on me was incredible. It really is like a fog has lifted that has enveloped me for years. Probably Bernhard’s honest, natural and direct manner also contributed to this. He also confronted me with unpleasant truths. I appreciate that. Thank you so much Bernhard, I am already looking forward to our next appointment.”

Charly Dilara:

“I felt very comfortable with him and notice the changes after only a short time. Even if they weren’t quite as strong at the first session, they were even more so at the second and third. With me it is very small changes, which I observe at me, which change nevertheless my whole behavior gradually to the positive. It’s a process you go through. Bernhard has helped me a lot in helping myself. The atmosphere with him is relaxed and calm. I will continue to work on myself. Thanks :)”

Kerstin Hanse:

“If you want something individual, you should go here. I searched for a long time to find the right hypnotist for me and can only pat myself on the back again for my decision. It’s just great when someone really understands and has also experienced for themselves in part why I come to them. In addition, no unnecessary session will be offered here or a huge therapy plan will be made right away. After the first session, let it work for a while and then get in touch after about two days. It feels right, honest and professional. To me, what he’s doing is kind of art. But best of all, it works and feels killer!”

Jana Seifert:

“While looking for a new approach to solving a problem, I happened to come across Kiez Hypnosis’ site. I was very interested in the topics offered and they seemed to fit for me. I had a great desire to try something new. But it couldn’t be too esoteric for me. After the first meeting with Bernhard it was clear that I had landed a lucky strike. His open, friendly attitude and competent, focused work gave me almost instant confidence that I would get my problem under control. And indeed, already with the first session I realized that through him I will get out of my impasse. Without making himself indispensable. Instead, he gives me the tools I need to work on myself in the future if needed. It gave me a lot of self-confidence, confidence and security. Which incidentally makes me more relaxed in my everyday life and also with the kids. All without hocus-pocus and without incense.”

Klaus Berger:

“Berlin really missed that. A hypnosis practice that doesn’t have that esoteric image and doesn’t have that stuffy therapist demeanor. Flexible scheduling, after all, there are people who work during the day. So also times in the evening and on Saturdays appointments possible. I’m great. That’s the way it has to be.”

Miss S:

“At first I was very nervous to talk about such personal things, but even on the phone he made you feel a kind of security and naturalness that put me at ease. This certainty was also present in all 3 sessions I attended with Bernhard. I felt much better after each session. He knows what he’s doing and explains everything beautifully. You feel you are in good hands. The premises are now new and very very cozy. The hypnosis itself is just relaxing. She conveys a kind of lightness that almost knocks you off your stool. 🙂 In the end, hypnosis wasn’t quite my method, unfortunately. I can still recommend Bernhard. You just can’t expect everything to work 100% for everyone. So thanks anyway Bernhard. Maybe I’ll visit you again sometime soon.”

Stefanie Finkler:

“My intention for a hypnosis session at Kiez Hypnose Berlin was to work through my difficult childhood memories. It was my goal to realize that I am allowed to be well, that I am allowed to be loved for who I am and that nobody has the right to hurt me. For me it was very important in this context that I can trust the person with whom I go through this process. Bernhard Tewes built up this trust very well during the preliminary meeting, so that I was able to engage in the subsequent process with confidence. I found the way in which the questions about my very difficult family situation were asked and the way in which my answers were received to be very understanding. This helped me a lot to open up for the following, but very emotional process. Bernhard Tewes accompanied me sensitively through the traumatic experiences of my childhood which made it easier for me to fully engage in this kind of systemic work. I could already notice the first changes after coming back from the trance state. This hypnosis session was one day ago and I can already see profound changes in my emotional experience. I feel much lighter overall and relieved of a lot of guilt and burden. The fact that I already feel so much relieved makes me curious to see how my relationship with my parents and other people will change in the future. Looking back, I’m glad I made that decision for myself. I look at my future relationships and my future in general with much, much more confidence now. Thank you very much dear Bernhard!”

Susanne Lousanne:

“Many thanks to Bernhard from Kiez Hypnosis for clearing my blocks. I finally feel free to do what brings me joy. Fancy that! Working with you has made me more energetic, optimistic and confident. Instead of just dreaming, I am now able to make my dreams come true. More and more, I feel like I have a good grip on my life under my own steam – and not only that – I’m even having a lot of fun doing it. Never would I have thought it was possible to move so much in just a few weeks. One notices your good education and that you know what you’re talking about… unfortunately there are really others. Merci, merci!”

jm lo:

“It was my first hypnosis session with Bernhard. He has a calm, pleasant, competent manner and explains exactly what will happen. Add to that his really soothing voice. Together with the perfectly tuned music it is a really nice package. How then the subconscious reacts is very exciting and I did not expect this (as a constant sceptic). A lot has already happened with my sleep after one session – wonderful! I’m looking forward to my second session now…”

Ad Pi:

“I felt very comfortable from the first moment in the practice room of Kiez Hypnose. It is beautifully decorated and there is great and different furniture to relax on. Bernhard is very personable and has a pleasant soothing voice. He explains exactly how the session will go, so you can rest easy. I have had two sessions so far. I’m already feeling much better and I’m looking forward to the rest of my sessions with Bernhard.”

Susanne Patzer:

“I am smoke-free for 5 weeks, overjoyed, enjoy my life finally without this burden and say from the bottom of my heart: Thank you dear Bernhard, that this addiction no longer plays a role for me and I through the hypnosis session with you, simply relaxed NO MORE SMOKING☺☺☺”

Frank Miller (non-smoker):

“Total success after a non-smoking session – I am now FINALLY a happy non-smoker, with no withdrawal symptoms or missing my fags. Felt very well looked after and I’m doing great. I haven’t gained any weight either, which was a big worry of mine! Bernhard is very sensitive has a fantastic voice – good career choice. I told you already 😉 Totally believable guy. Thank you, that changed my life. … only recommend”

Yvonne Kück (non-smoker):

“I was hypnotized by Bernhard Tewes 1 week ago for smoking cessation. The good feeling persists from now on. I was explicitly informed and knew immediately, here I am definitely with the right man for the treatment of the symptom and 100% in confidence. I had never done such an intense journey with my subconscious before and it was impressive to witness this change in behavior *live*. I would recommend Kiez-Hypnose in any case and would choose it again at any time also for a possible own support. Thanks to Bernhard. Love from the Rhineland, Yvonne”

Valerie S:

“I immediately felt at home when I walked into Bernhard’s beautiful shop. After a detailed and informative conversation we started with a hypnosis session. I could hardly believe what was happening to me, it was a wonderful feeling! My body and my head relaxed completely. The sounds of the music and those of his voice morphed into colors, which amazed me, as I hadn’t noticed any synesthetic couplings in me before, but I enjoyed it very much. Afterwards, I went home with a big grin on my face and have felt calmer and more assertive without being stressed ever since. Many, many thanks dear Bernhard, see you again very soon!”

Selina Banse:

“I met Bernhard at an event in Stuttgart. During our conversation he told me that in the meantime he had opened a practice for hypnosis in Berlin because he wanted to pass on to people what had helped and freed him so much himself. I was totally surprised by this way and very interested in the subject, because he seemed very balanced at that time. Now that I’ve been drawn to Berlin, I thought I’d finally have to check it out and it was definitely worth the experience! The practice is very tastefully decorated and exudes a feel-good atmosphere. Even though I only knew Bernhard in passing from our conversation, I had the feeling that I was in good hands. He told of a few sessions to give an insight into what hypnosis can do. I was impressed and I myself got to experience a relaxation hypnosis that I was surprised myself that it actually worked that way and reached my subconscious. I have never felt so relaxed and can only recommend it. Thank you!”

“Good afternoon, I have been enjoying the freedom of not having to smoke since mid-March. The hypnosis session with Bernhard T. created the basis for this. Of course, I need a consequence of my own. However, this is quite easy to do because of hypnosis. Today I feel good, do something for my health and save a lot of money in the future. I haven’t gained any weight yet.

Sieghilde Bednarski”

Andy Schwade:

“Very good introduction to hypnosis, nice ambience, made you feel comfortable and the goals I wanted to achieve were scrutinised before I was hypnotised. They were casual, but definitely professional therapy sessions. Security and confidence was conveyed with. I can’t judge the long-term effect yet, but I can judge the short-term effect. Personally, it helped me, I can tell. It still feels GOOD!”

Analena Ratke:

“Hello, yes what can I say, I already had a more serious problem and also already tried another hypnotherapist. I am now enjoying about 4 weeks of freedom from my former problem and hope it will last for a long time -.maybe even forever. Tip: psychoanalytical hypnosis helped the best!”

René Müller (pain therapy):

“After many years of physical complaints and various diagnoses such as CFS, fibromyalgia or borelliosis, I was in the practice of Bernhard Tewes. For me a whole new realization to bring blockages in my body and in the soul with hypnosis in harmony. Thank you Bernhard that you have shown me a new way to deal with many problems differently.”

Benjamin Kerneck:

“A great practice, so much positive energy in the room and just the right decision for me. Thank you Bernhard for your support.”

K M:

“So, I’ve been to Bernhard’s for the second time now and it was very positive again. The first time I went to Him was because my confidence was cracked and it worked great. Since then I have a completely different attitude towards customers and colleagues. The second time I was there was because of a blockage. I was very insecure about speaking English to customers. It’s gotten a lot better. The preliminary talk and the set-up already make you feel relaxed in advance. I certainly feel like I’m in great hands with Kietz Hypnosis.”

Philip Haas:

“I felt very comfortable and in good hands with Mr. Tewes from the very beginning. The hypnosis sessions were relaxed and well thought out. The right preparation on my part and the suggestions in advance and on site were very good and made for a relaxed journey into the subconscious. I think that suggestion can hardly be applied in a nicer way than with Mr. Tewes. I thank you very much for the wonderful time and the successes that I have achieved through the joint work. Also the way everything was done, the premises and the depth reached made me appreciate his work very much. Thank you!”

Nathalie Schriewer:

“I don’t think I need to repeat that Bernhard is totally nice and cuddly and that the sessions are professional and effective in an almost frightening way, many have done that before me.

I’d rather tell you a little bit pictorially what happened to me:

Imagine buying a bookshelf that you have to assemble yourself (e.g. from some small Swedish family business ^^). Either the instructions don’t work, or you just don’t have a talent for that, in any case it looks a bit crooked and a few screws, metal parts and plastic pins are left at the end, but well, how important can that be, the thing stands after all. So you throw the pieces away, put some books on them and you’re good.

10 books later, the shelf starts to creak. Tightening screws unfortunately only brings something in the short term.

30 books later, the shelves are bending, but you can still fix that quite well with a stick, which you clamp between the shelves.

At the 50th book there is a big crash, the shelf lies disassembled on the floor and the books fly everywhere.

If this sounds familiar to you – off to Bernhard! He also has all the (thrown away ages ago and maybe even forgotten??) spare screws ready – promise ^^

Because a solution that doesn’t address the original cause of the problem is not a solution!!!! Away with stick and screwdriver (like drugs) – that does not work in the long run or even harms in the worst case…

By the way, my bookshelf is back up now – and even a thousand books couldn’t knock it down! Oh, what am I saying…even if Goliath were to stand on it and start doing ballet – no problem!

On that note – have fun finding causes and all the best!!!”

Dominique Schuegner:

“A very beautiful experience and in a way the journey to oneself. Thank you Bernhard!”

Andry V:

“At Kiez Hypnose, Berlin I had the most amazing Hypno-experience I could ever imagine!!! From the first moment Bernhard makes you feel at home, his praxis is so wonderfully decorated and the variety of his chairs to choose is unique!!! During the whole session I felt this experience as I was in a pleasant 4D movie! The comfy chair, the warming blanket, his calming voice and professional skills plus his unique technique by adding lively sounds and music with the right frequencies made this whole experience get on another level! The only thing you might not like, is when he tells you to open your eyes, as this means this lovely experience came to an end and you might just want to continue!!! 🙂 But most important of all was the outcome of this!!! Feeling so powerful, energetic and creative shows that this so simple yet amazing journey is transforming you 100% even from the 1st appointment!!! Definitely worth it a try!!! Thank you Bernhard Tewes! You are a charismatic person and am sure you are doing exactly what you are meant to! Giving therapies from the heart is not a common thing!!! Sure to be back soon!!!”

Chaca Jacobson:

“I can only recommended people to use the many advantages connected to hypnoses. I have now visited Bernhard 2 times and soon I will be having me 3rd session. I have been dealing with some bad habits which I have been struggling to control, however I was not possible to deal with that all by my self. I was very pleasantly surprised about the effect Bernhard had on those habits.”

Kristy Choi:

“Bernhard is a very knowledgeable and skilled practitioner and I recommend him to any one who is interested in delving into hypnosis and serious self-contemplation.”

Юля Хруслова:

“I’m feeling absolutely great processes in my mind after hypnosis experience. Thank you so much! And keep doing it)”

Vera B:

Dear Bernhard,

I was at Kiez Hypnose 4 years ago and actually wanted to write a report directly because I was so enthusiastic. Somehow, though, life got in the way and so it has been forgotten. Now after 4 years I would like to finally catch up.

I came to Kiez Hypnosis in my mid-30s because I lived in the neighborhood and became curious. For decades I have carried heavy luggage around with me. Over and over again I was caught up in my childhood, by an extremely domineering, irascible, self-centered, unloving father who wanted to see something in me that I wasn’t, who was always pushing me to be better (the best!), in school, on the outside, everywhere. I was good at many things, made money, had good relationships, was creative, one who could tackle, made.

But I was constantly driven by fear of failure. Outwardly an absolutely confident and extroverted woman, my biggest and best trait was actually making myself look small and putting myself down by any means necessary. As soon as something went wrong professionally or privately, the old patterns were immediately back: “It was obvious, you’re just a failure, you’re not worth anything, everyone else is better than you, you’re just in the way, useless, worthless.”

For years I kept trying unsuccessfully to shake it off, thinking a lot, talking a lot, working on myself. But I couldn’t do anything, the patterns kept coming back. Stress at work, failure!, not being able to breastfeed my child, failure!, gaining weight, failure!, relationship problems, failure!. I really felt like there was a voice on my shoulder whispering my negative mantra over and over again in my ear.

I ended up going to Bernhard’s and it was a wonderful experience. Absurdly, the old furniture totally smelled like my childhood, so I was quickly immersed in my old patterns. Also in the conversations Bernhard was immediately quite familiar to me. It just felt right.

After hypnosis, everything was different and strange, and at first I kind of floated, trusting that everything would get better. But there were always little setbacks.

But the funny thing is that over the past few years I have slowly, very slowly noticed a change in myself. It didn’t come with a big bang, but it crept in slowly. My patterns have been changing more and more without any clear input from me. I am forgiving of myself, I can forgive myself for my mistakes like I would a good friend. I am no longer my greatest enemy.

This is a brand new discovery that I (now 40) have not known my whole life. And the crazy thing is, I can’t even tell you when exactly it started to feel better and why I can just be nicer to myself. I can only say that it has been getting better bit by bit for a few years now and I can only explain it through hypnosis. It triggered something in me. I have had the courage to finally stand up and speak out against my father – mentally and verbally. I wrote letters for myself, had conversations and somehow moved quite a lot inside me. It was a difficult road and at first I didn’t really realize it. But it was a very very big step into a better liberated life.

So after 4 years finally the deep THANK YOU to you, Bernhard, thank you for freeing people from their great burden, thank you for listening to the problems of others and bearing it and that in this way you make the world a better place, because you make people free inside. The greatest gift and achievement in life, to be free.

I wish you the best of luck, professionally and personally, with all my heart.

Thank you. From the heart.

Maria Michelmann:

“My personal expectations for the first hypnosis session of my life were definitely exceeded at Kiez Hynose. More because of general interest and curiosity than because of a specific concern, I made an appointment. I only prepared myself with the help of the detailed email I received the night before, which answered any technical questions about hypnosis itself and gave a realistic feel for the experiences one goes through during the session and afterwards.

The practice is very attractively furnished. I was able to bring both my dog and my best friend to the appointment, which gave me a heightened sense of security. Moreover, I found it interesting to compare her impressions, which were all observed from the outside, with my own afterwards. Before we started the actual hypnosis, we had a very relaxed and open conversation over a cup of herbal tea about my motivations, but also about God and the world. I think this introduction is important to establish a trusting bond, which I feel is indispensable in trance. Bernhard took a lot of time for the interview and responded well to me. He also demonstrated to me and my girlfriend some simple but ingenious exercises that clearly showed the strong influence the subconscious has on the consciousness (and being).For the hypnosis I decided to take a seat in the “Zero Gravity Chair”. I would highly recommend this to anyone as the reclining feeling in it really is unlike anything I have experienced before, however there are other seating and reclining options. The entry into the feeling of trance was a bit too fast for my taste, which is why I had the feeling that I couldn’t let myself fall 100% throughout. However, for the first attempt, I think I made it into a pretty decent and exceedingly pleasant state of trance. Bernhard was a helpful companion for me. On the one hand, I felt at times that he was taking me along perfectly and bringing me into a deeper and deeper (and more pleasant) state of trance. On the other hand, he also irritated me a few times with certain sentences or words, so that I had the sensation of losing the depth of the trance and coming “to the surface” again. I think the strength of the hypnosis depends on the hypnosis facilitator. Bernhard is very talented and sensitive, especially for his young age, but I believe that the quality of a trance can be greatly enhanced by a strong bond between the hypnotized and the hypnotherapist. This band is impossible to make in just one session, so I would like to make another appointment soon if possible.

All in all, hypnosis was a thoroughly enjoyable experience that I would happily recommend to anyone who can get into it. Even more than a week after the appointment, I can still perceive positive effects on the emotional level. It has relaxed me, I can become more aware of my feelings and control them more easily, but the most important thing for me was to have a vivid encounter with my subconscious. There is something amazingly comforting about knowing that except for the “I,” there is an even more powerful force of one’s own. To become aware of this power and to feel that with its help almost limitless possibilities for self-realization are revealed is an incredible experience. The CD for self-hypnosis, which I got to take home after the appointment, helps to deepen the experiences made and also to relax completely quickly at home and alone.

In summary, go for it with an open mind and have gigantic encounters! It’ll be worth it!

With best regards and sincere thanks”

Isabel Lopez:

“It was a thoroughly healing and purging experience to work with Mr. Tewes on my issues. I was able to open up to him very well and a relaxed and open atmosphere quickly allowed me to trust him. Very good insights became tangible for me and transformative processes were set in motion and supported by the hypnosis. I can recommend it to anyone who knows that health means more than mere physical well-being. I can well imagine tackling other issues with hypnosis after a while. Thank you so much for the great experience and help!”

Simon Rudolf:

“Hi Bernhard, on this way also a feedback of one of your customers. I was with you exactly 44 days ago for smoking cessation and love my new life without cigarettes! Also, your app “Hypnobox” is in constant use with me. Best thanks from Prenzlauer Berg, Simon”

Customer testimonials on Qype / Yelp

Rob V. (non-smoker):

“So… With hypnotherapists I have “been allowed” to make my experiences… These experiences were very costly and, what’s worse, it was money thrown away.

Nevertheless, I had not lost faith in hypnosis and thus, despite, bad experiences, I had great hope in Kiez Hypnose. Not least because of the great photos I could see on the website and also because of the really long phone call with Bernhard the hypnotherapist. He really took a lot of time to explain everything and eliminate uncertainties. And without the guarantee of a booking!

When the big moment came and I arrived at the treatment room for the agreed appointment, I was welcomed by Bernhard in a very friendly and relaxed manner. The room was very attractively furnished with lots of warm wood and very comfortable seating and lounging. The light was diffusely soft and all of this felt like a comforting cozy corner.

Bernhard and I had a pleasant chat. Both about the following hypnosis and small-talk topics like which barber I visit and which barber he would like to try 🙂

Of course, it all makes sense and I was well aware that it was a highly professional service. But in our cold, businesslike time it is a relief for the soul when something highly professional is packed in a nice little paper and tied with a nice bow 🙂

Bernhard has of course directed the conversation in such a way that it works as a preparation for the subsequent hypnosis, but he conveys the feeling that it is a pleasant conversation in a chill lounge and that Bernhard finds it just as pleasant to talk to you as one finds it pleasant to talk to Bernhard.

To conduct a session so elegantly and with such ease and to give the client the feeling of experiencing a pleasant treatment, as one would in a luxurious beauty parlour, requires a lot of knowledge, skills and is an absolute sign of the highest professionalism.

Having worked for many years in luxury hotels in St. Moritz, Paris, London and other metropolises, I know how demanding this task is.

The hypnosis itself I do not want to discuss en detail, that it is always a very intimate experience.

But I can say that I have rarely experienced such a feeling of happiness, security and responsibility. I was able to let myself go 1000% (a thousand percent) and knew I would be caught.

You know at that moment that Bernhard’s greatest concern is that you reach your goal. He is very serious about what he does and what he says, so he is absolutely not one of those outrageous people who call themselves “hypnotherapists”, who have no idea and are just salivating for your hard earned money.

Bernhard is serious, bonafide and his concern is to help.

By the way, this doesn’t mean grabbing onto the deck chair, bed, or “zero gravity” chair and saying “Do ma!”. You have to realize your goals yourself.

Bernhard is there to get you on your way, to guide you there and to show you how to realize your goals. Self reailisert.

If I want to quit smoking (not want to, but want to), then I have to do the work too. However, with an expert this will be a lot easier.

It’s as if you’re struggling uphill on your bike and suddenly you feel a strong tailwind that makes riding uphill much easier. I still have to pedal, but it’s so much easier.

Bernhard puts a back to you and pushes you in the right direction, and through this “push” the achievement of the personal goal becomes possible.

I am very happy to have had this experience with Bernhard and equally happy to have met an expert like Bernhard.

And I’m glad not to smoke anymore 🙂 This is of course the very best :)”


“I’ve been there a few sessions now and it’s been really exciting, deep, enlightening and freeing! How “simply” profitably and effectively the life issues that have been driving me around for so long became clearly recognizable and also tangible, that was quite impressive. The way the mind and body were involved in the work really amazed me, emotions and physical reactions came up that had been repressed and split off for years. And afterwards, the relaxation and a feeling of “Done!” That was really very nice. I’ll keep going: Teeth grinding and tinitus have already become weaker. And that’s after three sessions!”


“I’ve only had one session so far, but it was a blast!
Since then I am like liberated, I don’t block myself with my thoughts & fears anymore, I am much more confident and effective in what I do.
It’s just nice to be able to approach things with an inner calm!
Simply free – simply cool 🙂
Will definitely treat myself to this again, despite how great it is already!!!”


“Thanks to hypnosis, I am now finally a non-smoker after about 18 years – without side effects or withdrawal symptoms. It is an unbelievably good feeling and I would not have thought that it would work so easily! Before that I had two other sessions in which I was able to release my blockages and old injuries that I had been carrying around with me for years and thought I had dealt with them. I guess I didn’t, so I got rid of a big chunk 🙂 Absolutely recommended! “
Andreas2000 (non-smoker):

“Thank you, thank you, thank you! Finally a non-smoker… and this time for good. And I’m doing so well! Best investment of my life! I already got the money back.

Precisely because Bernhard used to smoke himself and was only able to quit through hypnosis, his smoking cessation is so believable and he is simply authentic overall. His tips and experience are worth their weight in gold!



“Bernhard is a very friendly, competent and understanding person who you trust incredibly quickly and who understands you. A visit is definitely recommended. He takes a lot of time, unlike many others on the market, which is absolutely rare nowadays. From therefore one feels very well cared for! I especially like his natural manner and you can tell that he has a lot of experience. I found the personal and familiar atmosphere super! I have had several hypnosis sessions with him now and it has really changed my life! I feel freer and more carefree, have been able to let go a lot. In any case, I’m glad to have him around and will certainly be visiting them more often. My friends I send to him with the best conscience, and of them many are now happy and, above all, free non-smokers.”

“I didn’t know what exactly to expect or what hypnosis would do, however I hope to make a change through hypnosis. He managed very quickly to take away my fear and prejudices, in addition he has a very pleasant, thoroughly credible and likeable personality, appears competent and you really notice that he pursues his activity with a lot of joy, knowledge and heart. He takes a lot of time to discuss the topic in advance. I have to say, hypnosis feels different than I thought it would… especially since I was there for all of it. But it’s so wonderfully relaxing and I feel so much freer…. I’ll be back soon!”


“Bernhard von Kiez Hypnosis has not only once led me into a deep relaxation that I had never experienced before. Since then I feel more detached, freer and more relaxed in all situations and I approach my problems calmly. Bernhard has a very pleasant soothing voice that is a pleasure to follow anywhere.
I was very convinced by the first sessions and I will also do a smoking cessation with Kiez Hypnose – it has already worked for a friend.
Thank you! I highly recommend Kiez Hypnosis!”

IbinderJojo (Fears):

“I’m generally a curious person, so I thought to myself, “Just try it out, it can’t hurt.”
And I certainly didn’t regret it.
Immediately after the first session, I was able to get back on a motorcycle without any problems and ride in a completely relaxed manner, which had not been possible for years.
After the 2nd session I felt like I was free. It was as if I had been relieved of a heavy backpack that I had been carrying around for many years and that was getting heavier and heavier.
Some effects you don’t notice for a few weeks, but that realization is nice.
Inside I’m more relaxed than ever and can just let it all come to me (it does come), have patience….. all things I had lost in A-levels. And now, years later and a burn-out later, it’s back! Thanks to the work of Bernhard Tewes!
Exercise three times a week? No problem.
And the weight? That’ll come eventually! :-)”


“It’s always amazing what you can find out about yourself with such great support by your side. Things that we sometimes suspect and yet do not take for granted, but which take us seriously and engage us and we only wonder why we are so strange. Why we get fatter, why we are anxious or angry. There’s a reason for everything… It can be so easy…. Just great. Thank you so much for a quiet, relaxing yet insightful time…. Klara.”


“Can only agree with the previous speakers. I have had three sessions so far in which we have tackled a problem from my everyday life. I immediately felt comfortable and enjoyed the ambiance. I found the hypnosis itself to be incredibly relaxing, it was not difficult for me to let go and get involved in this unusual situation. Of course, I had my doubts in advance, but they have been 100% dispelled. It is super exciting and interesting to be able to deal with your subconscious in this way and to get in touch with it. The effect of course goes far beyond the actual session, in the days and weeks after a session I still clearly felt that something has happened and changed or improved and that things are still going on.
So I can only recommend everyone to try it and here the atmosphere, execution and hypnotist are right!”


“A very big, big thank you and 5 stars+ to Bernhard!
I came to him with an inner restlessness that made me unable to work effectively and sleep disturbances. After a relaxed preliminary consultation, for which he took a lot of time, a session followed in which I felt very comfortable. It’s incredible how quickly the effect kicked in. Already that evening I could fall asleep without any problems. : ) It’s been a few weeks since the session – and I’m still completely relaxed, feeling freer, more optimistic and going about my work in a more meaningful way. It was my first hypnosis – and guaranteed not the last! It’s not hocus pocus, but it works. You get everything during the session! I can only recommend you – go to Bernhard – and everything will be fine. : )”

JensonJens (non-smoker):

“Am not a man of big words, but here is gladly my evaluation:

Probably the best investment of my life!

At first I thought that much money for not smoking is pretty steep. But I figured out how fast I could get it back in.

And now, about 3 weeks later, I know it’s worth every penny. Not only that the session itself is very professional. It’s the personality and experience of having been a smoker himself that plays into it so much. I’m just not missing anything! My friends can’t believe it.”

Zara Berliner:

“Every session is so sensationally effective! You just notice that he has enjoyed a really good hypnosis training, namely the one with Dirk Treusch. I know my way around there by now! I’ve spent hours with depth psychologists and other hypnotists before, but after 3 sessions of hypnocoaching with Bernhard on my emotional issue, I was worlds better than after years of long term therapy!”

Customer testimonials by e-mail

“Dear Bernhard,

I was with you in January for smoking cessation hypnosis. I haven’t smoked since the two hours in your office and I haven’t missed it. After almost thirty years of smoking, I left your practice a non-smoker. Many thanks again for this!

And best regards G.”


“Dear Bernhard,

In April 2014 I went to you for hypnosis to lose a few kilos. I was amazed at the immediate success. Those around me also noticed the visible change in me. I weigh 10 kg less since then. I wanted to see if I would get a yo-yo effect, just like on a plain diet – but not at all. Months after this great experience, I can still maintain my “new” feel-good weight. – This is indescribably glorious.

Thank you very much.

Anke Friedel”


“Dear Bernhard,

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you very much. Since the last hypnosis I feel great. Hypnosis has helped me to finally get into the position to completely redesign my life and more importantly the way I want it to be. After a long time I feel free from the burdening past and can engage in things and situations that were impossible before. I am actually no longer only in the mind, but finally also in my feelings arrived and can accept this as it is.

Lg D.M.”


“I’m actually one of those skeptical people and I’ve never believed in hypnosis. I always had this weird image in my head.

I fall asleep and then do weird things that I don’t remember later. That’s total bullshit. I was amazed at how good hypnosis feels and you feel totally good, relieved and happy afterwards.

I would like to say thank you for this wonderful experience which has now enriched my horizons a lot. Anita”

“Dear Bernhard, I feel really great, have no desire for a cigarette at all, can stand next to smokers without any problems and it doesn’t bother me that my husband still smokes. I’m not bingeing and in a bad mood like everyone thought. A complete success and I hope the great feeling stays.

Thanks a lot

And love K.J.”


“Dear Bernhard!

I’m glad I didn’t reschedule yesterday! It has done me good and I stand today already the whole day to me and to what was, is and can be!

Thank you so much for your good work!

Many greetings R.”


“Hello Bernhard,

it’s working! I’ve been here since 12.3. smoke free and very happy with it. It also somehow seems much longer to me, which – I think – is because I can’t imagine smoking a cigarette again. What else I’ve noticed: there are of course still stressful moments and I always think “Phew, now I have to catch my breath”. In the past I would have said “phew, now I need a smoke”. So I still need the same thing – a round of quiet breathing in and out. Only now I know it’s not the cigarette that brings me down, it’s me. 🙂

Many thanks and best regards

PS: Spring smells much nicer today!”


“Dear Bernhard!

I waited a few days to give my feedback to see how everything felt and I have to say I feel TOTALLY SUPER!

I’m much more relaxed, I sleep through the night, I’m not hungry all the time anymore, I enjoy healthy foods and somehow that scurry I had in my head has finally disappeared. I feel like I’m finally not stressed. Thank you very much, it was a great experience and I am glad that I did it with you! Your voice still rings pleasantly in my ear.

I wish you a great summer and send warm greetings!


Customer testimonials on Facebook

Miriam Isermann:

“Thanks for the help. Smoke-free for a year and without stress: that speaks for itself. Thanks a million…highly recommended.”
Tania Lescano:

“After just one session, I’ve now made some progress. Thank you!”

Aaron Airbach:

“For me it was a beautiful and intense experience that encouraged me and definitely helped me.”

Ben Strobo:

“Thank you so much for your support…!”

Marc Schlapp:

“It’s easy to recommend.”

Olaf Hoprich:

“I am beyond thrilled with his work as a hypnosis coach.”

Andra Vafea:

“Thankeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! Just super and professional!!!”

Felix Steck:

“Sensational what becomes possible with Hynose! Mr. Tewes accomplishes amazing things!”

Petra Theuer:

“Finally a non-smoker after 35 years. Thank you so much!”