Prevent bournout with hypnosis

Tewes® Technique – Cause-oriented deep hypnosis

Emotions are healers. We heal through images, words and experiences that are recalled or re-suggested. In hypnosis, we combine these emotions to change unconscious evaluations. This is the basis of my newly developed Tewes® technique. It’s flexible to fit your personality.

The Tewes® technique is the cause-oriented concept of the Kiez Hypnose Praxis and is used as a new standard tool in my sessions. I am always developing more methods to help my clients achieve a better quality of life. But one basic rule remains: we work the way you like it. My standard doesn’t have to be your standard, anytime you can fall back on classic techniques. The important thing is that you feel comfortable.

The Tewes® technique is the intensive session concept of Kiez Hypnose

  • cause-oriented regression therapy(HypnoAnalysis)
  • effective release processes
  • experience hypnosis with HypnoExperience®
  • Tools for home and on the road: anti-anxiety tools
  • Resource work incl. Anchor
  • Self-hypnosis with the HypnoBox App

Depending on the symptom we need between 1-4 intensive sessions.