Online Hypnosis Sessions
Safe and effective

Online hypnosis sessions have become an integral part of our work. This allows us to support clients around the world in change processes and to continue to be there for you safely in times of contact restrictions.

We have made the following experience: Online hypnosis sessions via video chat are just as effective, like a hypnosis live on the spot. When you close your eyes and go into hypnosis, the hypnotist’s voice is the most important part of the session. We use high quality audio technology and thus enable effective change work via video and sound.

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Requirements for online sessions

  • A place where the meeting can be held undisturbed
  • PC, laptop or mobile phone with camera
  • Internet connection
  • Zoom installation
  • headset

Unsure if an online session is for you? Contact us for a free information session by phone, where we can clarify your open questions.

Details about online hypnosis


After registering for your session, you will receive important information on preparing for the session and a detailed checklist for the optimal process. You will receive a zoom link to dial into the video call on the day of the session.

Secure at all times – even online

Security is at the top of our list: When the connection is established, we check the sound and the image so that we can see and hear each other optimally. We will make sure that you are in a safe and comfortable sitting or lying position for the trance. From then on, it’s just like being in our office.

In the event that the connection should ever break: No problem! We have a special protocol which we discuss with you in advance so that the session can be continued in a relaxed manner if the worst comes to the worst.

Unique: HypnoExperience® Online


You experience your online session with HypnoExperience Online. With a hypnotic musical live set you will experience your hypnosis even more intensely. And the more intense the emotional processes during hypnosis, the easier the change:

  • emotional music of the best producers for your relaxation, live tuned to your processes and reactions in hypnosis
  • both hemispheres of the brain are acoustically stimulated to integrate feelings, suggestions and traumatizations (isochronous beats and EMDR music)
  • Suggestions that reach your subconscious directly via headphones, without external distractions and interfering factors.

The better the sound quality of your headphones/headset, the more intense your experience. On-ear headphones with an ear cup are best, as they provide a better grip and won’t fall out during the session.

Here you can find the prices for online hypnosis sessions.

Video Feedback for Online Hypnosis
with Malte from Jonas