To stop grinding your teeth,
Treat bruxism with hypnosis

Bruxism: This is the name given to the nocturnal grinding of teeth that not only drives partners or other sleeping companions mad, but also leaves irreparable damage to the dentition – not to mention the psychological and emotional stresses that underlie teeth grinding.

Consequences of teeth grinding

Bruxism is purely a symptom of stress. Tinnitus or muscular tension are accompanying symptoms; depression and anxiety disorders are their complex motives. Unresolved conflicts and grueling experiences favorthe nocturnal orchestra, which usually does not sound in the ears of the affected person. So often the dentist discovers this symptomatology during a check-up, because the enamel wears down a lot after a certain time. The consequences of nocturnal teeth grinding are also noticeable during the day. They can be summarized as follows:

  • Damage to the dentition
  • Tension
  • Headache
  • Tinnitus

Hypnosis against bruxism

We will discuss your problem in my practice and look for a solution that suits you best. Together we will ensure more peace in your sleep – and more beautiful teeth.

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Testimonials from clients who have stopped grinding their teeth with the help of hypnosis:

“I can highly recommend Kiez-Hypnose. Malte does his work very well and you can’t help but relax with his meditative, pleasant voice. I am still in the process, but already notice the improvements. Step by step you get closer to your goal. Thank you for your great hypnoses, Malte! LG Theresa :-)”


“I went to see Malte because I was grinding my teeth so badly at night that I couldn’t sleep through the night and woke up all tense in the morning. The atmosphere in the practice is very welcoming, I immediately felt comfortable. Already after the first session I could sleep through the night again. The best thing, however, was that many other things have also changed for the better: the everyday stress is less noticeable, I am much more resilient and much more relaxed. Last week I had my second appointment with Malte. Since the first hypnosis already changed so much I was very curious to see what would happen now. Malte managed to uncover and release a very deep-seated blockage that I myself was not even aware of. Even after the hypnosis he took a lot of time for me until he was sure that I was well and that he could let me go with a clear conscience. I would not have thought that teeth grinding had such deep-seated causes and yet could be eliminated so quickly and effectively. Thank you so much for such a great job!”

Maria Bannier (Google Review)

give up teeth grinding

Instead of splint helps hypnosis

Since the dentist is primarily concerned with the aesthetics of the teeth, he prescribes a bite splint. This keeps the grinding in check – but the mental and emotional stress remains. This is not particularly sustainable thinking. As is so often the case in Western medicine, suffering is to be suppressed rather than permanently eliminated.

With the newly developed Tewes technique I accompany you into a relaxed trance state. Subconsciously, we look for the reasons that cause the grinding. We bring out hidden events and heal them through gentle suggestions. In doing so, I apply methods that promote a permanently relaxed lifestyle . In trance, for example, we practice muscular relaxation, which you can use at home. This will reduce your daily stress and the symptom of teeth grinding will gradually subside. This is accompanied by the disappearance of possible additional symptoms such as tension, headaches and tinnitus.