Prices & Costs of Hypnosis Sessions

Your advantages with Bernhard Tewes | Kiez Hypnose

+ Cause-oriented hypnosis therapy in a few sessions

+ Innovative methods developed by Bernhard Tewes

+ 5,000 sessions experience

+ Only as many sessions as you really need

+ Intensive preparation process

+ 4 pieces of relaxation furniture are available for you to choose from in my practice

+ Free MP3s for self-hypnosis with the HypnoBox app.

+ Very easy to reach in the medical centre at Petersburger Platz, Friedrichshain

+ Secure card payment; cash payment also possible

+ Sessions in English? No problem!

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Investment | Costs at Bernhard Tewes (Therapy)

  • Hypnosis by Bernhard Tewes himself, founder of the HypnoBox App
  • Intensive session with the Tewes techniques, max. 1.5 hours: 500 € incl. VAT Depending on the symptom, between 1-4 sessions at approximately weekly intervals. Price per session

Sessions are also available online.

Payment is always made in cash or by card at the end of each session. Payment by instalments possible.

You will always experience all sessions with HypnoExperience® at no extra charge.

Booking via the contact form, and Tel.: 030 91701944

Investment | Costs with Malte Kröll (Coaching)

  • Hypnosis coaching max. 1,5 hours: 250 € incl. VAT, Topics: Blockages, Beliefs, Habits
  • Students and trainees: 200 € incl. VAT, max. 1.5 hrs.
  • Non-smoking hypnosis one-time session, max. 2 hrs: 450 € incl. VAT

Sessions with Malte are also available online.

You can also experience all sessions with Malte with HypnoExperience® without extra charge.

Please contact Malte directly:, Tel: +49 176 70 92 20 62

Malta’s priorities

Malte Kröll Hypnosis Coach Kiez Hypnosis
Sara Tewes - Children Hypnosis Berlin

Investment | Costs with Sara Tewes (Child hypnosis)

  • Hypnotherapy for children 90 min: 300 € incl. VAT

You can find information about hypnosis for children here.

Please contact Sara directly:, Tel: 0176 31 381 227

Sara’s focus

  • Phobias
  • social anxieties
  • School Anxiety
  • Test anxiety
  • Mobbing
  • Stuttering
  • Bedwetting
  • Concentration problems
  • Strengthen self-confidence

Payment options

Please note that prices are non-negotiable.

According to § 4 No. 14 of the German Value Added Tax Act, Bernhard Tewes and Sara Tewes are exempt from value added tax as non-medical practitioners of psychotherapy for therapy topics. For consulting and coaching topics like sports hypnosis or business coaching there is an additional 19% value added tax.

For all sessions, the appropriate amount must be paid in cash or by card at the end of each session. Possible cards : Bank card with V Pay or Maestro, Mastercard and Visa.

Of course you will receive a fee invoice. Unfortunately, I do not bill health insurance companies, so the sessions have to be paid privately.

Diese Zahlungsmethoden akzeptieren wir

Payment by instalments

Should you wish a flexible payment in installments, this is possible in cooperation with my financing partner medipay. Here you get all further information.

Does the health insurance pay?

Unfortunately, the costs for hypnotherapy are not yet covered by statutory health insurance.

The special thing about Kiez Hypnose

Why is Kiez Hypnosis worth it?

Our clients can explain that much better.
Here are the recommendations.

Financing options for hypnotherapy

Should you not be able to afford the costs for your desired treatment immediately, this is no obstacle for your plan at Kiez Hypnose. My partner for financing offers medipay makes it possible for you to pay the treatment costs easily and comfortably in self-chosen monthly instalments.

Click here to go to the rate calculator.


Financing request Medipay
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How does payment by instalments work with medipay?


  1. After the telephone consultation you already know how many sessions you will probably need for your topic and have a more accurate cost overview.
  2. Then fill out the online application or send the financing request by mail (download application below).
  3. After reviewing your request, you will receive a response within a few days. The request is non-binding and does not commit to any payments.
  4. Once the funding has been approved, nothing stands in the way of your treatment and you simply bring the confirmation from medipay to your first session.