Overcome grief through hypnosis

The world is dark, the world is grey. A veil surrounds you, it is not visible to others. You’ve long since lost sight of the beauties of everyday life. Since an existential color has been missing from your life, the shadow that accompanies you is a painful reminder of all that once was. Your grief is now your companion.

Overcome grief with hypnosis

Your grief is important

It is important to live through this pain. Grieve whenever you can. Any suppression of these impulses harms your soul. Any grief you try to cover up is a turn away from your healing. Don’t punish yourself. Maybe you haven’t had time to deal with your grief until now. Maybe you haven’t learned how to give yourself to her. Perhaps you have been suffering for far too long and intensely that you lack all the strength to face life with hope again.

What now?

Whether you’re grieving for a longer than average period of time or you want to finally turn your attention to a specific event: I know of no more effective way than hypnosis to heal these experiences. Your self-healing powers are heightened in trance. In a quiet, relaxed atmosphere we consult your subconscious. From there, you turn to your pain. Together we let this end in a few sessions. No one is going to judge you or tell you that you don’t deserve your grief at this moment. In hypnosis you heal more intensely because consciousness does not block the way to your emotions.

Memories are a part of our being, they will always remain with us. Only the sense of suffering associated with it do you gently discard. If you are suffering from grief of any kind, please contact me at any time.