Neurodermatitis treatment
and other skin diseases

As I myself suffered from the agonizing itch of neurodermatitis as a child, I can empathize with the suffering very well. Constant itching, which becomes even stronger with psychological strain and stress! This alone shows how clearly neurodermatitis is linked to the psyche.

Neurodermatitis treatment

Hypnosis techniques for atopic dermatitis

Hypnosis is the only treatment method for neurodermatitis that treats the cause of the disease, namely nerve irritation. The classical dermatological treatment is only dedicated to the sequelae of the actual disease. Many neurodermatitis patients are dissatisfied with the dermatological treatment, because after stopping the anti-inflammatory ointments (cortisone) the neurodermatitis flares up again. The well-intentioned advice, such as avoiding various foods or external substances, is more an expression of the doctors’ desire to at least give the patients something to take with them than evidence-based medicine. Food bans etc. in turn affect the quality of life of those affected without bringing them any real benefit as long as the underlying disease remains untreated.

With the newly developed Tewes technique we get to the bottom of the unconscious causes. You will also learn self-hypnosis and be able to regulate your nervous system yourself at any time when stress occurs.

What hypnosis can do for skin diseases

  • Calming the immune system in autoimmune diseases
  • Reduction of stress hormones and toxic substances through deep trance
  • Activation of the immune system for the treatment of viruses, bacteria and fungi
  • Reduction/elimination of itching through suggestions
  • Instructions for self-hypnosis to stop itching and to establish a deep trance
  • Detection and processing of psychological factors of the disease