Flow State Hypnosis

The connection of hypnosis and sport

How does Flow State Hypnosis work?

It’s simple: you go into a waking trance by moving! Do a steady movement for it: optimal are machines like bicycle ergometer, rowing machine, cross trainer, trampoline or treadmill. That means you can start exercising now, while absorbing new thoughts and behaviors in your subconscious mind. Use the HypnoBox App or book an appointment at my hypnosis practice Kiez Hypnose.

Experience change with active hypnosis


Flow State or Active-Wake Hypnosis is legendary in sports, music, leadership, therapy and coaching and was developed by Dr. Éva Bányai in the 1970s . While most hypnotic procedures aim at relaxation, in Flow State Hypnosis the hypnotic state is induced by movement. This quickly creates a flow state that can be used for high performance, learning or therapy. The mixture of waking trance and the body’s own endorphins and growth hormones provides an ideal basis for optimizing mental processes. HypnoBox is the first self-hypnosis app to offer this form of hypnosis.