Dissolve depression with hypnosis

A grey sky, many summers long. A mirror in which one’s own image appears colorless; the ceiling hanging too low in an apartment from which we cannot move out: It is profound emotions that cause depression.

In Germany, about 4 million people are affected. 25% of all days missed from work are associated with depression. The most common symptoms? Loss of interest, compulsion to brood, listlessness and dejection. Anxieties arise.

If the illness is severe, suicidal thoughts are added; depression is always life-threatening. In many cases, however, the illness remains undetected: depressives are masters of repression.

Dissolve depression with hypnosis

Hypnotherapy against deep-seated conflicts

With the Tewes Technique I start the treatment of depression where the causal conflicts are hidden. Since Freud we know that we can access repressed events through our subconscious. These go back to our childhood. If they are uncovered and worked on in a safe environment, your depression will dissolve into goodwill. In our meetings we always talk at eye level. You know what’s best for you.

Either way, we need to get to the root of your problem in the trance. Healing can only be achieved by confronting the split-off conflicts. This splitting off is a survival strategy of your subconscious mind, which we overcome together in the safe environment of hypnotherapy. Alone with delusions, such as the psychotic delusions of sin and impoverishment, I cannot help.

Every emotion is important

One thing the disease still fails to do today is to explain the extent of the suffering to non-affected people. “Get up already” or “Have a laugh”, are bad advice because they dismiss the clinical picture of depression as a pipe dream. In my practice you can find yourself in all your emotions. Each of these is important and worth a second look. Let’s use hypnosis to bring light to the darkness that has crept into your diseased soul.

Make an appointment now for hypnotherapy in my office. Just one phone call can help reduce your fear of therapy with hypnosis. I’ll explain exactly how we’re going to proceed.