Hypnosis method: HypnoExperience

Prevent bournout with hypnosis

HypnoExperience® The new experience of hypnosis

The HypnoExperience in the Tewes Technique

Feel the bass. The soothing sounds. You relax to the voice of your therapist. Vibrations and sounds are combined with hypnotic suggestions to gently guide you into new behaviors. This is how we communicate directly with your subconscious: headphones completely exclude outside noise. It’s hooked up to a microphone so I can hear you at all times. Music changes everything. Change with it.

HypnoExperience® is a hypnotic-musical live set by Kiez Hypnose.

The VibrAcoustic technology

Lie down in the trance. The relaxation chair and chaise longue soothe you with the help of a low frequency bass shaker. The light, vibrating sine waves challenge the energetic centers of your body. Your brain waves gently transition into deep hypnotic relaxation. You are now free for change. You can reinvent yourself in the vibe.


  • emotional music of the best producers for your relaxation, live tuned to your processes and reactions in hypnosis
  • VibrAkustik furniture is equipped with discreet vibrating bodies that calm you and your consciousness in the lower frequency range.
  • Suggestions that reach your subconscious directly via headphones, without external distractions and interfering factors.
  • both hemispheres of the brain are acoustically stimulated to integrate feelings, suggestions and traumatizations (isochronous beats and EMDR music)