Pain free thanks to hypnosis

Imagine you are in pain – and your body has forgotten why? It continues to send signals even though the acute pain has long since passed. In the beginning it was supposed to indicate a malfunction in the organism, now it seems like pure fantasy. In my practice, there is no such thing as imaginary pain. Your suffering needs to be addressed, regardless of whether there is an official finding.

Pain therapy with hypnosis

Listening to pain to understand it.

Headaches, phantom pains, migraines and chronic pain with or without a physical cause are treated in my hypnotherapy. The latter must last between 3 and 6 months to even be considered “chronic”. But they are always an interplay of psychological and physiological connections. Conventional medicine has now agreed on this.

Chronic pain with psychological cause

The most common reason for pain with a psychological cause is unresolved conflicts. If the cause is so deeply hidden that it is inaccessible while you are awake, the Tewes technique becomes the most effective way to your subconscious mind. Here I rely on regression therapy, which resolves emotional conflicts rather than merely suggesting freedom from pain.

Chronic pain with physical cause

If there is a physical cause for your pain, we will clarify whether it still has a function for your body. Or if it’s time to say goodbye to him. We work with the unconscious parts involved in the problem to lower the “remembered” pain stimulus. I will also teach you self-hypnosis so that you can later control the pain centre yourself.

Areas of application of hypnosis in pain therapy

  • Migraine
  • Chronic pain with physical cause
  • Chronic pain with psychological cause
  • Headache
  • Phantom Pain

The alternative: hypnosis

Individual, psychological therapy is often neglected in inpatient treatment; waiting times for patients are long. In many cases, the pain can be completely suspended through hypnosis – in complete contrast to orthodox forms of therapy, which merely plead for reduction. Pain control is one of the oldest uses of hypnosis. It offers you a fast, effective solution for a self-determined life.

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