Strengthen self-confidence

Who are you and when do you stand by yourself?

Self-confident people seem to be born with self-assurance. They talk uninhibitedly and have an answer for everything. When they want something, they take it. You don’t have to be a phony to live the way you hoped you would. Boosting your confidence isn’t years of hard work. There is a quick, healthy way. Best of all, it’s free to all of us.

In a detailed preliminary discussion we will find out why you have a self-esteem problem. With the appropriate hypnotic application we will improve your self-esteem and you will be amazed how quickly you can present yourself more confidently in your everyday life.

Strengthen self-confidence

Self-awareness through subconsciousness

Where does your insecurity and lack of confidence come from? That’s the first question we ask in the preliminary interview. Often your lack of self-love goes back to bad experiences. You’ve convinced yourself that you’re not worthy of taking this job, of having this relationship, of turning down this request. Because you were once hurt after standing up for your needs. Because parents, friends, teachers or other family members never encouraged you in your role. The reasons are manifold – that’s why I work uncovering with hypnoanalysis, which I apply individually to your personality.

Hypnosis for a healthy self-confidence

In hypnosis, we visit your subconscious mind. In a relaxed trance we link the irrational evaluations of your personality with life-affirming suggestions and dissolve old fear and useless beliefs. We’ll match your pace. Your subconscious mind knows what’s best for you.

You will receive access to my audio self-hypnosis download area after your first session, so you can continue to work on and empower yourself after our therapy.

Feel free to write me for an initial consultation. There’s a life where you show up for who you are. By doing what you’ve always wanted to do. Self-awareness also means knowing that there is a way out. And always.

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