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Flow State Hypnosis

Flow State / Active-Wake Hypnosis (AWH) Basic Training

Exercise instead of relaxation

While most hypnotic procedures aim at relaxation, the client sits on the ergometer (or similar) and goes through a steady movement into a flow state, in which the subconscious mind opens up to new thoughts and behavioral suggestions and can be used for high performance, for learning or for therapy. The mixture of waking trance and the body’s own endorphins and growth hormones provides an ideal basis for optimizing mental processes.

Perfect method for “difficult relaxers”, teenagers and children

Flow State Hypnosis can in principle be applied to anyone. It is especially suitable for people who find it difficult to relax. Likewise, children and young people often have a lot of fun with this method. AWH is a perfect complement to classical relaxation hypnosis and of course a must for all those who work with athletes.

Flow State / Active-Wake Hypnosis (AWH) Basic Training
Kiez Hypnosis Academy - Bernhard Tewes

Fields of application:

  • Depression
  • Fears and phobias
  • Goal Coaching
  • Exam preparation
  • Mastering job interviews
  • Motivation
  • Sporting top performance
  • Learning & Concentration
  • Creativity
  • Integration of negative emotions


Currently no dates

The seminar is aimed at coaches, alternative practitioners, hypnotists, therapists, sports psychologists, psychotherapists, HR professionals and interested parties.

Teaching methods

  • Introduction to the theory and practice of AWH
  • Live demos
  • Own exercises. Training of the different procedures
  • Different exercise equipment such as ergometers and trampolines are available.
Flow State Hypnosis

Contents of the basic training

Day 1: Basics of active awake hypnosis

  • History and previous research.
  • Comparison with relaxation hypnosis
  • Standard induction, alternative inductions
  • Language speed and specifics of AWH
  • Self-hypnosis with AWH
  • EMDR and AWH
  • Resources
  • Swish as a method of re-anchoring
  • Practical exercises: Practice until you get it right!!

Day 2: Active Awake Hypnosis in Practice/h2>

Application areas in detail:

  • Regression in flow
  • The best techniques for AWH
  • Presentation, Examination
  • Mastering the job interview
  • Concentration
  • Overcome nervousness
  • Depressive moods
  • Application for top sporting performance
  • ADD/ADHD / Children
  • overcome physical ailments


  • Flow states and zone awareness
  • Movement and learning. AWH in education and training

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All seminar participants receive a detailed seminar manuscript and at the end a Flow State Hypnosis/activeflow certificate. The price includes Coffee break in the morning and afternoon with coffee, tea, fruit basket and mineral water in the conference room.

Upon request, we will add you to the closed Facebook Active Awake Hypnosis sharing group.



You will particularly benefit from the seminar if you apply what you have learned in your professional practice in a timely manner. It makes sense to have training in hypnosis, NLP, communication psychology or psychotherapy – or comparable degrees in consulting, training, therapy or coaching.

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