Sex therapy with hypnosis

Sex therapy with hypnosis

Hypnosis with confidence

I notice again and again how important trust is between the therapist and the client when dealing with extremely personal issues that are not discussed within the circle of friends, the relationship or the family. At the same time, sexual problems are not on the tip of everyone’s tongue: among other things, it is these inhibitions that make sexual contact with others much more difficult.

Sexuality is the most personal area of life of every human being and essentially determines the mental and physical condition. Sexual dysfunction is the most common sexual disorder, causing great distress to those affected. Often there are reasons behind this, such as fear of failure, partner problems, negative sexual experiences or high demands on oneself.

Hypnosis against sexual problems

I’m bound by professional secrecy. I will never make you feel like there’s something wrong with you. I’m not asking you out. I am a neutral person in whom you completely confide. I won’t judge you, nor do you have to justify yourself to me. Since we are strangers, we take the liberty of being completely honest with each other.

As with any other topic within hypnosis, we only work at your pace. You can abort at any time. We use techniques and methods that match your personality. We will talk about this at length in the preliminary meeting. Only the trust and the will for a treatment must be given.

Performance problems arise in the subconscious. This is our field of application in hypnosis.

A way out of the vicious circle


We uncover a lack of self-confidence or drastic experiences from the past. Through subtle suggestions we approach the disturbing factors and heal them. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying your sexuality, letting go and being physically and mentally healthy. This is your life, your body. We’ll work together until he’s all yours again.

Sex therapy with hypnosis helps in the following areas:


  • Lack or loss of sexual desire (loss of libido)
  • Sexual aversion and lack of sexual satisfaction
  • inhibitions and fears
  • Failure of genital reactions
  • Orgasmic disturbances, e.g. premature ejaculation (eiaculatio praecox)
  • Vaginismus

Contact me confidentially for an initial appointment. In case of orgasmic disturbances or failure of genital reactions, please have organic diseases ruled out by a doctor before the first session. Thank you.