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Kiez Hypnose introduces itself:
insight into practice

The new experience of hypnosis:

Nonverbal hypnosis

What is hypnosis?
The explanatory video with animation

Malte Kröll introduces himself

Sara Tewes introduces herself

The Hypnosis App from Kiez Hypnose

Dr. Norbert Preetz about the training
by Bernhard Tewes

Client testimonials

Sylvia Arndt after successful
Therapy via Kiez Hypnosis

Thomas Schneider about Kiez Hypnosis

Kerstin Schrey about
your successful hypnotherapy

Andreas Höck about Kiez Hypnosis

Julia about Kiez Hypnosis

Nico Kochan about Kiez Hypnosis

André Raffe about his
Experience with Kiez Hypnose

Non smoking hypnosis

Non smoking hypnosis
with Berlin reporter at Kiez Hypnose

Non-smoker information

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Sleep Study

Behind the scenes: From the idea to the creation

Flow State Hypnosis


Writing your own suggestions