FAQ – Frequently asked questions

How does a session work? You can find the most important information about the session in this video:

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a technique to induce the hypnotic trance state (also called alpha state). During the hypnotic trance there is usually an overlapping of physical relaxation and mental focus in the form of mostly pictorial ideas.

Hypnosis is a state of blissful relaxation. The sense of time is lost, the environment becomes less and less important but the mind is very clear and concentrated. It is a natural state of your mind to be completely relaxed.

In this very pleasant state we find access to the knowledge and unlimited solution creativity of our unconscious. It is possible to solve personal problems and initiate positive changes. The so-called “critical factor”, a kind of filter that protects our subconscious from change, becomes permeable. We are open to suggestions, to new ideas for action and thought. We can link emotions in a new way, so that there can be a new, subconscious evaluation of situations. We can get rid of emotional ballast and heal traumatic experiences.

Hypnosis causes neuronal relaxation and is beneficial for the entire organism – the release of stress hormones decreases and the immune system is stimulated.

We find ourselves in trance states every day – usually without noticing it: While reading an exciting book, listening to music, at the cinema, watching television – or on the motorway. Almost everyone knows the strange feeling: What have I actually done in the last 10 minutes? We react automatically – as if in a trance – while our thoughts are elsewhere.

Watch the short video here that clearly explains what hypnosis is, how you go into hypnosis and what hypnosis feels like.

Can I be hypnotized?

In general, any mentally healthy person can be hypnotized if they are given the proper preparation and are willing to engage in it. Everybody is in hypnosis at least twice a day: just before falling asleep and just before waking up!

Why does hypnosis actually work?

Through the state of relaxation that you achieve through hypnosis, the suggestions that are intended to bring about the desired change can be placed and anchored in your subconscious mind.

This has the distinct advantage for you that the filters present in your everyday consciousness are bypassed and thus a kind of “re-programming” takes place in your subconscious mind while you enjoy the relaxed state.

What does hypnosis feel like?

Do you know the feeling of dozing off or daydreaming, the natural state of relaxation when you lie down on the sofa for a little break at lunchtime, when you are engrossed in a book or a film, or when you are simply daydreaming? If so, you already know what hypnosis feels like. It is a feeling of pleasant, deep relaxation. You’re conscious, and you’re hearing everything I’m saying. During the first session you will experience and enjoy your own personal hypnosis feeling.

Are you in control of your body and mind during hypnosis?

Yes, always and at all times. You are in control of your body and your mind. Because during hypnosis you are mentally wide awake and can decide at any time if and when you want to release the state of relaxation.

For example, if the fire alarm goes off in the movie theater and it smells like smoke, you would naturally get up even though the movie is still playing. Our subconscious mind protects us even in a hypnotic state!

Show hypnoses and false representations of hypnosis in (children’s) books and series have unfortunately created a false image of hypnosis. It appears that the hypnotized person is under the control of the hypnotist. However, this is not the case.

Is one without a will during hypnosis?

If anything, it’s a sign of willpower if you can let yourself go in a controlled manner while absolutely relaxing. You are not will-less but concentrated and relaxed!

You will also not divulge secrets that you do not want to divulge or do things that do not conform to your moral standards.

Hypnosis is not fainting or unconsciousness. You will also be able to hear every word in a concentrated way in trance and feel present. No one can force you to do things you would refuse to do while awake. Suggestions are only accepted if you agree with them. In case of danger, your subconscious can end the hypnosis within seconds and you are immediately wide awake even if you were in the deepest trance.

It is very important that the desired changes correspond to one’s own will and not to the will of other people (partner, children, doctor, etc.). Hypnosis is teamwork and cooperation. I guide you to the state where you access your subconscious mind. You are very focused and can drive great change with my help.

Is there a chance I won’t wake up?

Hypnosis is not sleep, so I don’t like to talk about “waking up”. You are very aware of what is going on around you most of the time. Even if I did not lead you out of hypnosis, after some time you would enter the normal state of consciousness all by yourself. There is no known case of anyone remaining in the hypnotic state forever.

However, you may find hypnosis so pleasant that you would like to stay in that pleasant state for longer. In that case, I will be happy to teach you self-hypnosis in one session.

How do I feel after hypnosis – can I drive a car afterwards?

Relaxed, rested and full of energy. You can drive or attend appointments at any time after the hypnosis session.

However, experience has shown that it makes sense to take a little time to reflect on what you have experienced before you move on to the next appointment.

Who is not allowed to be hypnotized?

As I only offer non-medical hypnosis, I cannot conduct sessions if the following criteria are present:

  • heavy alcohol consumption, drug or medication abuse or influence
  • cerebro-organic impairments
  • severe or obsessive personality disorders
  • Heart failure
  • any type of dementia
  • Mental Illness
  • severe obsessions
  • psychotic states

What does a hypnosis session cost?

You can find detailed price information on the page Prices.

What is the registration process?

Step 1: You contact me by phone and we clarify your motivation and first questions in a free phone call.

Step 2: If you wish, we can make an appointment for your hypnosis session. This one is reserved for the time being!

Step 3: After the phone call you will receive an email from me with a link to the registration form. Please fill this out completely and take your time for this, because this already prepares you for our session.

Step 4: You will receive an appointment confirmation email, which also contains all the important information to prepare for our session.

Step 5: On the agreed date we meet in my practice. In the preliminary talk we clarify open questions and talk in detail about your topic. Afterwards we carry out the hypnosis. Through the detailed conversation and the introduction of your own statements into the hypnosis, the success rate of the hypnosis increases many times over.

Step 6: You feel relaxed after the session! Some patients feel so well after the first session that follow-up appointments are no longer necessary. But this is absolutely dependent on your topic. For many more in-depth topics, two follow-up appointments are usually necessary. However, you decide this yourself at any time and should wait two days after your first session to see how you feel! With smoking cessation you are a free non-smoker from now on!

More information about hypnosis

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