Successfully combat stage fright with hypnosis

Fight stage fright

And suddenly everything is gone

Extreme stage fright or cold stress before a performance. A blackout that erases what has been painstakingly compiled in a second. Actors, musicians, students and people in management positions are all familiar with this: stage fright not only makes it difficult to access the information stored in your head – in the worst case it can cost you your career.

You are not at the mercy of your fears. You don’t even have to reenact them to overcome them. In hypnosis we face your problems in a particularly gentle way. We visit your subconscious in a trance state. We ask ourselves together: When did your stage fright manifest? Where does your fear of failure come from? Most of the time, the problem lies in the past. I will give you several methods that you can use for deep relaxation before and during the performance without attracting attention. In hypnosis, this phenomenon is called the “hypnotic anchor.” In any case, medication is not an alternative.

Hypnosis against stage fright

We face your fear in a safe space – so that you can soon face it calmly in a room full of people. You’ll probably never be the type to jump into the crowd. So you have a lot in common with millions of people in Germany. But your stage fright will no longer bother you to the point where you have to stop a presentation. Once you’ve taken the first step, the performance will take care of itself. A running engine is difficult to stop.

There’s always a way out. This is the stated mantra of hypnosis. This does not require magic or sorcery, but a strong will to change. If you’re suffering from stage fright, get in touch. Soon you will feel the first changes. And your performance anxiety is drastically reduced.

I regularly work with managers, actors and musicians. Feel free to ask me about it.

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