Burn-out – When nothing works anymore

Burnout is a serious mental illness that manifests itself in panic attacks, exhaustion and insomnia. It belongs to the group of depression and means something different: depressives always misjudge their resources, while burn-out sufferers overestimate themselves immeasurably.

We live in times when constant accessibility is one of our most important human achievements. Since 2006, the diagnosis in German practices has increased twentyfold.

Prevent bournout with hypnosis

One way out is hypnosis

Maybe you have trouble setting boundaries. You don’t have the guts to say no. You think you can do it all; your self-esteem feeds on you organizing things and finding solutions. Recreation and rest are pushed into the background.

We are constantly surrounded by technical devices, constantly reachable, even on vacation we check our mails. Modern man feels irreplaceable, thinks he has to do everything on his own. If he fails in a world where everyone achieves everything, he falls low.

You need boundaries

Boundaries have a special focus within my work. If these are missing, we become permeable and no longer know how to protect ourselves from external influences. In hypnosis, we visit your subconscious mind and those areas of your brain that are causing these conflicts in you. We dedicate ourselves to your deep relaxation; we reawaken calmness and composure so that you can master your tasks with renewed energy. You breathe freely, experiencing a true high of your mental abilities. Not because you help others, but because you value your resources.

Hypnosis can take place within conventional therapy. Before you contact me, please talk to your treating physician. Then nothing can stand in the way of your healing.