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Kiez Hypnose Berlin – Bernhard Tewes

Kiez Hypnose Berlin – Hypnotherapy at the Ärztehaus Berlin. Welcome to your change through deep hypnosis at Kiez Hypnose Berlin. Unique short-term therapy with hypnosis for the “difficult cases”.

Bernhard Tewes - Kiez Hypnose Berlin


Training, mentoring, workshops: Kiez Academy

About Bernhard Tewes

  • Founder of the HypnoBox App
  • Hypnotherapist
  • Mentor & Trainer
  • Innovations Award Winner
  • Alternative practitioner psychotherapy

Unique methods at Kiez Hypnose Berlin! Your advantages:

  • Cause-oriented hypnosis therapy in a few sessions
  • Only at Kiez Hypose Berlin: the innovative methods developed by Bernhard Tewes
  • 5,000 sessions Experience
  • Hypnosis by Bernhard Tewes himself, founder of the HypnoBox App and owner of Kiez Hypnose Berlin
  • Only as many sessions as you really need
  • Intensive preparation process
  • 4 relaxation furniture you can choose from in my practice Kiez Hypnose Berlin
  • Free MP3s for self-hypnosis with the HypnoBox App
  • Very easy to reach in the medical centre at Petersburger Platz, Friedrichshain
  • Secure card payment; cash payment also possible
  • Sessions in English? No problem!

The new experience of hypnosis at Kiez Hypnose Berlin

HypnoExperience® is a hypnotic-musical live set by Kiez Hypnose Berlin. Your brain waves gently transition into deep hypnotic relaxation. You are free to change. You can reinvent yourself in the vibe.
Learn here all the innovative methods of Kiez Hypnose Berlin:

What is hypnosis?

“You will fall asleep. Deep and sound asleep.”

That’s your idea of hypnosis, isn’t it? Before I got into it, I felt the same way. A few years later I am a certified alternative practitioner for psycho- and hypnotherapy of the practice Kiez Hypnose Berlin and can tell you first hand: Hypnosis is a natural process. Every day you are in a trance. Falling asleep, waking up, in the bath; engrossed in your work.

Since 2006, hypnosis has been recognized by the “Scientific Advisory Board for Psychotherapy” as a scientifically based method. Fast, effective and cause-oriented, we address your issue in a few sessions by positively occupying the inner evaluations of your subconscious. Change only happens where it is needed.

The most radical thing that can happen to you is that you give up a fear or a vice. That we recognize your resources and potentials and strengthen them together. So far, every patient has returned from hypnosis.

How does hypnosis work at Kiez Hypnose Berlin?

After an intensive preparation I lead you into a hypnotic trance state, the “alpha state”. We communicate with your subconscious mind using my newly developed Tewes® technique, which will be tailored to your needs. The Tewes technique is the comprehensive therapy concept of Kiez Hypnose Berlin. In the trance we concentrate on your physical relaxation and focus your mind on pictorial ideas. Nothing will happen that you don’t want to happen. You can end the hypnosis at any time, remain awake and responsive during the session and even speak for yourself. Classical methods are of course also possible.

To strengthen our bond I use soothing music, relaxing reclining techniques and suggestions tailored to you. You can choose from four relaxation furniture in the practice of Kiez Hypnose Berlin. I’m watching closely to see what you respond to best. We use only your thoughts to get you where you want to go. If anything, we are positively “manipulating” your subconscious. And only within the framework that you define.

As a guest with yourself with Kiez Hypnose Berlin

Your consciousness participates in our session as a silent guest. You remain master of your world; I reach out to you to move into healing. Here we resolve your disturbing behaviors and emotions by getting to the core of the problem. When did you have your first cigarette? When did your panic manifest? Your beliefs set the tone; your will is change. All I want from you is your trust.

If you want to use the power of hypnotherapy, make your appointment now at Kiez Hypnose Berlin.

Hypnosis treatment fields at Kiez Hypnose Berlin

Finally live more freely through hypnosis

Fearless living

Hypnosis is one of the most effective therapy methods to solve various types of fears, phobias and panic. I provide therapy for all types of anxiety disorders, including generalized anxiety disorder.

Become smoke free

Smoke free through Kiez Hypnosis Berlin

Want to climb stairs a gain without getting out of breath? Don’t want to smell like smoke all the time? Don’t want your children to be affected? Use the power of hypnosis and become a non-smoker without withdrawal symptoms!

Training, workshops, seminars with Bernhard Tewes

Training at Kiez Hypnose Berlin

Seminars, lectures, workshops: The Kiez Hypnose Berlin Akademie offers advanced training for therapists and hypnotists. Current: Flow State / Aktivwach Hypnose – Hypnosis in motion.

Kiez Hypnosis Academy

Book Bernhard Tewes as a speaker

Bernhard the Speaker

Hypnosis – How sustainable change works

… for your business
… for your career
… for your success
… for your health
… for your restful sleep
… for your relationship

Workshops Kiez Hypnose Berlin


Discover the power of hypnosis at workshops! At Kiez Hypnose Berlin we offer a variety of workshops where you can learn about hypnosis and strengthen your skills: Ecstatic Breath, Nonverbal Hypnosis and Out of Body Consciousness.

Conscious Kiez

Conscious Kiez

Immerse yourself in a safe space in the middle of Berlin’s urban jungle where you can explore, connect and ground yourself. Welcome to Conscious Kiez – The Self-Experience Room. Here, among other things, events of Kiez Hypnose Berlin take place. You can find the current date here:

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