Sports hypnosis – more performance and success!

Hypnosis is the secret recipe of many successful athletes!


The big players in the business have almost all understood that it is not enough just to train the body. Many successful athletes and sports teams have their own hypnosis coaches.

Why can we use hypnosis to improve our performance? Hypnosis allows us to access our subconscious, where all our resources lie dormant, many of which are not yet being used.

Sports Hypnosis

Achieve goals with hypnosis!

We have known for a long time that what you think and feel during a competition is decisive for success or failure. And they know how to use hypnosis to get the most out of you at the most decisive moment or to improve your potential in the long term.

However, modern sports hypnosis is not only concerned with improving performance in moments of competition, but also with providing support in everyday training and during setbacks. The difference between sports hypnosis and classical sports psychology is that we work with changes in the subconscious. This allows desired changes to occur more easily and resources to be utilized that are usually more difficult to establish when working with “waking consciousness”.

Another aspect of sports hypnosis is regular deep relaxation through self-hypnosis. During deep relaxation the body can regenerate much better and faster. The often particularly stressful everyday life for competitive athletes with many training hours can quickly lead to exhaustion. Regular relaxation with the HypnoBox app offers optimal support. In addition, you can permanently and independently improve the quality of your thoughts in a positive way.

coping with setbacks

Sports accidents or disappointing performances can be stored subconsciously and thus hinder movement sequences in the mind already at the time of their occurrence. This subconsciously stored experiences you can let go let godissolve the blockages that have arisen and reprogram your subconscious for success.

Flow State Hypnosis – The combination of hypnosis and sports

Exercise while absorbing new thought and behavioral suggestions? With the Flow State or Active Awake Hypnosis it’s possible! By moving, you can get into a Waking Trance come and then do valuable mental work. More information about Flow State Hypnosis can be found at here.

Hypno-Box – Regular deep relaxation as your companion

The self-hypnosis app HypnoBox developed by Bernhard Tewes is the perfect companion for your everyday training.

The relevance of regular relaxation for stress reduction and regeneration is now known to most. However, many athletes find it difficult to implement. We support you with helpful tips and mental techniques for deep relaxation. In the HypnoBox app, there are suggestions specifically for athletes. Also, the HypnoBox app is the first self-hypnosis app that also offers active-guard hypnosis.

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We can support you with these topics:

  • Mental strength to optimize performance in competitive situations
  • Hiding stage fright
  • Strengthening motivation for everyday training
  • Dealing with setbacks, failures and injuries
  • Avoiding gentle movement patterns and fears after injuries
  • Dealing with everyday influences and psychological obstacles from everyday life
  • Improve relationships with other athletes/teammates/coaches.
Peak performance sports hypnosis

Your way to peak performance with visualizations

“I won Wimbledon a thousand times in my mind before I actually won it.”

André Agassi, former professional tennis player

Visualization is one of the most well-known methods in sports psychology. By visualizing an optimal performance, the process can be stored subconsciously. If the success has already been experienced in the imagination, a positive link between thought and action is created. In the deep relaxation during hypnosis, the imagination of the subconscious is strengthened and the experience in the imagination is even more intense. The more intense the experience in the imagination, the easier it is to implement it in the competition. It is also very valuable for motivation in everyday training to visualize the achievement of goals.