overcome jealousy

Jealousy as a passion

“I just can’t look, it’s killing me. And taking control.”

This is how “The Killers” sing about one of the most complex issues of the human psyche. The philosopher Schleiermacher once coined the saying, “Jealousy is a passion that seeks with zeal what creates suffering.” For centuries, lovers and sufferers have grappled with this theme. It seems there is no cure.

Worse than abdominal pain or organic pain, the psychologically motivated problem penetrates deep into our soul. We are beside ourselves and can no longer think clearly.

Overcome jealousy with hypnosis

Hypnosis against jealousy

If the feeling of jealousy goes beyond the point where you feel comfortable in the relationship; where you feel stable and secure in your own skin, you should act. We all have to face the fear at some point that we may not be enough for the other person. Hypnosis is a gentle way that uses gentle suggestions to get your self-esteem back on track. In hypnosis we approach those forms of morbid jealousy that won’t let you sleep. That takes your breath away and won’t let you act rationally.

Jealousy is an emotion that arises in the subconscious mind. Hurtful experiences or a previous breach of trust encourage this. Hypnosis is the fast, effective way to heal these experiences. In trance you open yourself to suggestions more intensely and faster. We will examine the psychological and emotional causes of your jealousy together and treat them in the confidential rooms of my practice.

Love yourself – and then the others

Often your jealousy stems from a lack of self-esteem. You feel you’re unlovable. Then why should others stay with you? For you, the logical conclusion is that your love turns away from you. Those critical thoughts that you maintain inside, we look at them more closely and resolve them benevolently in the subconscious. Jealousy wants trust in the partnership and this is our goal.

I work on the basis of my newly developed Tewes technique. We approach your senses within a relaxed trance tailored to your personality.

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