Reduce stress – The right way to deal with stress

Reduce stress through hypnosis

Emotionally exhausted: react before symptoms appear

You certainly know one of these situations: Negotiations at work, presentations at school, conflicts among friends, trouble in the family, too many appointments and then a constantly buzzing smartphone as a constant everyday companion. Stress affects many people and many areas of life. When you are under a lot of pressure or you feel overwhelmed, a stress response occurs. Dealing with stress in the right way is a challenge for many people. Stress is actually a positive thing. Because stress activates you and releases energies that can keep you motivated and focused. A functioning stress system is responsible for our evolutionary development and indispensable for everyday life.

“Stress is the biggest health risk of the 21st century”.

World Health Organization (WHO)

The problem arises when the stress becomes excessive. In today’s fast-paced society, where you are constantly encountering visual stimuli and social stressors, our stress systems are constantly active. Unfortunately, the fact is that Stress reactionsthat saved us humans in the past (when we had to run away from a saber-toothed tiger, for example), present us with many problems today. In the world you live in today, actual dangerous situations of this kind are very rare. Yet your body behaves in Stressful Situations often as if a saber-toothed tiger were chasing you.

Hypnosis helps to reduce stress

The consequences of too much stress

When the healthy stress threshold is exceeded, acute stress results. As a result, we may not be as focused, have anxiety or concentration problems, and physical symptoms such as dizziness and stomach pain may be triggered.

If the excessive stress is prolonged and there are no recovery periods in which to process the stress, chronic symptoms of overwork can result. Continuous and excessive stress can then lead to physical and psychological symptoms:


  • Tension
  • Headache
  • Back pain
  • Concentration problems
  • Sleep disorder
  • Skin problems

Solve stress with hypnosis

Reduce stress through relaxation

Stress is part of everyday life in our fast-paced society and often cannot be prevented. Dealing with stress in the right way is crucial. Stress and stressful situations are stored in the subconscious. Consciously, the pent-up stress is difficult to release. This is where hypnosis comes in.

When you are in a state of trance and deeply relaxed, you can find unconscious solutions and resources to relieve your stress. Plus, when you’re in a trance, your immune system can work at full force, fighting bad cells and taking care of you. That’s why deep and sufficient relaxation is so important for you.

Resilience through hypnosis

The goal of hypnosis, in addition to releasing stress, is to increase stress resistance in your everyday life and build healthy resilience. Hypnosis and regular relaxation can have a positive effect on all areas of life:

  • inner peace and balance
  • Avoidance of burnout and exhaustion
  • Mindfulness in everyday life and in dealing with other people
  • Confidence and optimism
  • internal security
  • Increased performance and better concentration
  • Increase of the general well-being
  • more self-confidence and self-assurance

Stress-free session – “Wellness for the soul”.

A client of the Kiez Hypnose practice stated enthusiastically after a hypnosis meeting: “That is like Wellness for the soul”. With hypnosis and self-hypnosis it is possible to dissolve and let go of acute and chronic stress on a deep level. In addition, we teach you self-hypnosis techniques for everyday life against stress and other methods for acute stress reduction.

Your way to more serenity

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