Trauma therapy with hypnosis

When the soul is severely damaged …

… all the healing powers must be gathered to allow you to live a normal life. Trauma is one of the most difficult challenges within therapy. They affect the lives of those affected to such an extent that a symptom-free life becomes unthinkable. Hypnosis helps you live with your fear and suffering.

Gentle & sensitive

On this path I accompany you with all the knowledge that is available to me. Gently and sensitively we approach your experiences. You decide how fast we move on this. To ensure your well-being during the sessions, I work on the basis of the accumulated experience of the renowned psychotherapist Dr. Gunther Schmidt. He is considered a pioneer in combining hypnotherapy and systems therapy. Hypnosystematically we heal your experiences permanently and profoundly.

How can hypnosis help with traumatic experiences?n

In hypnosis we use the powers of your subconscious mind to bring new positivity to the forefront of your being. Hypnosis is a quick and effective way to supportively heal your trauma. It is scientifically recognized. I work with my newly developed Tewes technique to get closer to your subconscious and the emotions associated with it. You carry your own self-protection in you at all times: during hypnosis nothing can happen to you that you do not want. Together we’ll work towards your new life.

I look forward to a trusting conversation with you. In doing so, we take enough time to respectfully address your issue.

Is there a risk of retraumatization?

There are different possibilities to work on a trauma hypnotically. I work with techniques that do not require going back to the traumatic situation. Let’s discuss the possibilities together.