Fears, phobias, panic

Social phobia

Generalised anxiety disorders

People with generalized anxiety disorder can be triggered by a wide variety of stimuli. Often, sufferers experience anxiety over a prolonged period of time, accompanied by increased vigilance, tension and hyperexcitability. Those who suffer from generalized anxiety disorder are – similar to phobias or panic disorder – hardly or not at all able to cope with their everyday life and lead a normal life.

How hypnosis can help with generalized anxiety disorder

With regression therapy, we can find the origins of anxiety and resolve the conflicts that underlie this disorder. In a state of hypnotic healing trance, one fear after another is released. You can think of this process like skinning an onion. In this way, hypnosis helps you to better deal with your fears. Following therapy, many of my clients feel liberated and are able to return to their professional activities. Everyday life is no longer perceived as burdensome and life is worth living again.