Smoking cessation through hypnosis
Smoke free in just one session

You want to finally quit smoking?
Hypnosis helps you to stop smoking permanently.

The professional smoking cessation in the medical center

Before joining Kiez Hypnose, I was an event manager – and permanently stressed. During this time, I frequently resorted to cigarettes and rapidly declined psychologically and physically. Soon I had set my mind on changing my life. I went to hypnosis for the first time.

Now, not only am I living smoke-free, I have discovered my passion for hypnosis as a result. Life holds unusual paths for those who look further than they are used to.

The benefits of your smoke-free life

I’m sure you’ve tried a lot of things. Sure you’ve failed time and time again or you probably wouldn’t be here. While you can tell yourself that living without cigarettes is not only healthier, but also good for your wallet. But consciousness is not amenable to pure logic. So we need to go deeper.

Hypnosis against addiction

With the help of my Tewes technique we will put you into a pleasant trance state, which you will actively experience. Once we have reached your subconscious mind, we ask ourselves: what is the positive intention of your subconscious mind that controls your smoking behavior. What do you use smoking for? Maybe to cover your insecurity with the blue haze? Against nervousness or stress? We install healthy alternatives and reconnect emotions so that your subconscious mind also understands that smoking is now a behavior of the past. In a two-hour healing session, we face these realities and allow your subconscious to completely re-evaluate smoking.

Why Kiez Hypnose Berlin?

  • professional smoking cessation in the medical centre
  • tried-and-tested model
  • personal experience: I have stopped smoking myself through hypnosis
  • smoke-free in one session! No postponement of the decision!
  • exclusive hypnosis with the Tewes technique and HypnoExperience®
  • intense preparation
  • free audio self-hypnosis with the HypnoBox app to support you after the session

You really want to quit?

Nothing happens during hypnosis that you don’t want to happen. I depend not only on your trust, but also on your cooperation. Through deep relaxation and gentle suggestions we slowly approach your emotional level.

More than 350 patients have lived smoke-free since their first session at Kiez Hypnosis. This isn’t about training you to dislike cigarettes – it’s about linking old cravings with new evaluations. You’ll quickly learn that you don’t need to smoke anymore.

Call me anytime. Let’s meet for a new life without fog in front of our eyes. Finally become a free non-smoker!

Smoke free without withdrawal symptoms!

Physical withdrawal symptoms are mainly experienced by people who force themselves not to smoke: The compulsion causes stress – and stress makes the craving for a cigarette increase. With smoking cessation in hypnosis, this compulsion does not arise in the first place, because with smoking cessation in hypnosis, your desire to smoke is dissolved in your subconscious, so that you no longer feel the need to smoke.

Success through experience

Due to my own past as a heavy smoker and the fact that I only managed to free myself through hypnosis, I am able to bring all my experience into the non-smoking session.

After intensive study of the best non-smoking hypnosis techniques, I have developed the Tewes Technique, which lets you leave my office a stronger and free non-smoker. This is what makes smoking cessation at Kiez Hypnose so unique and successful (see customer testimonials).

Only one session necessary!

In a single two hour session I will show you how to make yourself a non-smoker forever. My processes are emotionally intense and that is why they are so successful.

How does a session work?

What exactly you with the Kiez Hypnosis
and smoking cessation are expected,
you’ll learn in this video:

Kiez Hypnosis
Known from TV!

RTL reporter Wiebke Wittneben had given up smoking at the turn of the year with the book “Endlich Nichtraucher”. For support, she sought successful help from Kiez Hypnosis, as she still did not feel free and was still craving cigarettes.

In this RTL Punkt12 contribution you will get a small insight into the calming effect of my very individual non-smoking hypnosis, the technique of which I was able to perfect due to my own experience as a smoker.

Warning, spoilers: It worked.

That’s what the free non-smokers say:

“I am now a non-smoker, thanks Bernhard!!! Kiez Hypnose Berlin was one of my most beautiful experiences, first contact via the Internet (super appearance), Bernhard calls back and great conversation that builds trust and takes the first uncertainties. Second contact via questionnaire, which is really well thought out until the appointment confirmation The final meeting takes place in a great atmosphere, everything is right! Everything fits! I remain a non-smoker, thank you Bernhard !!!”

Andrea Petznick (Google rating)


“Thank you !!! For almost 6 months I am now smoke-free and very happy with it. After 20 years of smoking and multiple self-attempts to stop smoking, Kiez Hypnose has made it. After initial uncertainty, whether hypnosis is really the way, Bernhard could convince. Thank you, thank you, thank you”.

Maritta Pietzsch (Google rating)


“I am smoke-free for 5 weeks, overjoyed, enjoy my life finally without this burden and say from the bottom of my heart: Thank you dear Bernhard, that this addiction no longer plays a role for me and I through the hypnosis session with you , simply relaxed NO MORE SMOKING☺☺☺”

Susanne Patzer (Google rating)


“Dear Bernhard, I went to see you in January for smoking cessation hypnosis. I haven’t smoked since the two hours in your office and I haven’t missed it. After almost thirty years of smoking, I left your practice a non-smoker. Many thanks again for this! And best regards Georg”

Giogio Casino (Google rating)


“35 years of smoking, the last 10 years 2 packs a day, uncontrollable smoker’s cough 24/7 and noticeable physical decline – these were my motivations to seriously quit smoking. All attempts including e-cigarettes failed miserably. Through word of mouth I came across hypnosis and thus Bernhard. My positive first impression from the homepage, telephone calls and e-mail correspondence was completely confirmed on site during the session. Without any previous reference to hypnosis, what actually happens there, does it work for me at all – 1000 questions about the uncertainty during and after the session, I was quickly faced with the decision – yes or no. The inner voice said yes and I decided to go for it. The inner voice said yes and I did it. Bernhard made the two-hour session competent, empathetic, professional and also exciting. In the end I destroyed all smoking paraphernalia and have been completely smoke free ever since. I don’t know why hypnosis makes the withdrawal symptoms fade into insignificance, I honestly don’t care – the important thing for me is that it worked, that I went from being a chain smoker to a non-smoker with one hypnosis session with Bernhard. Anyone who is serious about doing it is in the right place !!!”

Peter Fleck (Google rating)


“Dear Bernhard, thanks to your help I am smoke-free for over a year! The session went like a flash and when I was standing on the street I thought well… at the latest in 10 meters I want to smoke…. but ha! Never the need again, but also no disgust for smokers, you can even smoke in my car with the window open. It was a unique experience and I am happy every day that I am no longer at the ” I’m hanging on by a thread. best regards Sabine”

Sabine Roth (Google rating)


“Good afternoon, I have been enjoying the freedom of not having to smoke since mid-March. The hypnosis session with Bernhard T. created the basis for this. Of course, I need a consequence of my own. However, this is quite easy to do because of hypnosis. Today I feel good, do something for my health and save a lot of money in the future. I haven’t gained any weight yet.”

Sieghilde Bednarski (Google rating)


“Excellent, I have been smoke free for 3 months now and can recommend it to any smoker who wants to quit. I had already heard from others that they had managed through hypnosis. I was a little skeptical at first, but since I’ve known Bernhard for a long time, I decided to give it a try. He was able to quickly take away my scepticism and moreover convince me that it works. The educational talk was very helpful. I’m happy to have taken this step and I’ve now been able to rid myself of this vice.”

Matthias Lotz (Google rating)


“I was hypnotized by Bernhard Tewes 1 week ago for smoking cessation. The good feeling persists from now on. I was explicitly informed and knew immediately, here I am definitely with the right man for the treatment of the symptom and 100% in confidence. I had never done such an intense journey with my subconscious before and it was impressive to witness this change in behavior *live*. I would recommend Kiez-Hypnose in any case and would choose it again at any time also for a possible own support. Thanks to Bernhard. Love from the Rhineland, Yvonne”

Yvonne Kück (Google rating)

“Six months of not smoking speaks for itself. Thanks for the great feeling and safety! I also diligently recommend you to my circle of friends and family, who can’t believe how easy it’s been for me, when I was hardly ever seen without a smoke before.”

Mats Böring (Google rating)


“Total success after a non-smoking session – I am now FINALLY a happy non-smoker, with no withdrawal symptoms or missing my fags. Felt very well looked after and I’m doing great. I haven’t gained any weight either, which was a big worry of mine! Bernhard is very sensitive has a fantastic voice – good career choice. I told you already 😉 Totally believable guy. Thank you, that changed my life. … only recommend”

Frank Miller (Google review)


“Thank you, thank you, thank you! Finally a non-smoker… and this time for good. And I’m doing so well! Best investment of my life! I already got the money back. Precisely because Bernhard used to smoke himself and was only able to quit through hypnosis, his smoking cessation is so believable and he is simply authentic overall. His tips and experience are worth their weight in gold! Do!”

Andreas2000 (Yelp rating)


“Am not a man of big words, but here is gladly my evaluation:

Probably the best investment of my life!

At first I thought that much money for not smoking is pretty steep. But I figured out how fast I could get it back in.

And now, about 3 weeks later, I know it’s worth every penny. Not only that the session itself is very professional. It’s the personality and experience of having been a smoker himself that plays into it so much. I’m just not missing anything! My friends can’t believe it.”

JensonJens (Yelp rating)

Emails anonymized:


“Hello Bernhard,

it’s working! I’ve been here since 12.3. smoke free and very happy with it. It also somehow seems much longer to me, which – I think – is because I can’t imagine smoking a cigarette again. What else I’ve noticed: there are of course still stressful moments and I always think “Phew, now I have to catch my breath”. In the past I would have said “phew, now I need a smoke”. So I still need the same thing – a round of quiet breathing in and out. Only now I know it’s not the cigarette that brings me down, it’s me. 🙂

Many thanks and best regards

PS: Spring smells much nicer today!”

“Dear Bernhard, I feel really great, have no desire for a cigarette at all, can stand next to smokers without any problems and it doesn’t bother me that my husband still smokes. I’m not bingeing and in a bad mood like everyone thought. A complete success and I hope the great feeling stays.

Thanks a lot

And love K.J.”


“Dear Bernhard,

I was with you in January for smoking cessation hypnosis. I haven’t smoked since the two hours in your office and I haven’t missed it. After almost thirty years of smoking, I left your practice a non-smoker.

Many thanks again for this!

And best regards G.”