Chew fingernails habit
under hypnosis

Malte Kröll – our expert for biting fingernails.
He’ll explain to you what’s at the root of this and how you can get out of biting your nails.
with hypnosis.

Bite to the Blood

Let’s not talk about it any further: Fingernail biting, called “onychophagia,” is annoying and looks unsightly, but you’ve already tried everything to get rid of it. You smeared bitter tinctures or mustard on your nails, strapped a rubber band around your arm to measure yourself for every bite. Perhaps you avoided shaking hands with your counterpart because you were ashamed of your vice. Now, as you read this text, you look at your fingers and find a crater field. So far, nothing has helped.

Consequences of fingernail biting

Once fingernail biting has become a behavioral addiction, it usually results in physical and psychological symptoms. The consequences can be summarized as follows:

  • Painful inflammations
  • Unkempt appearance of the hands
  • loss of confidence
  • Shame in many everyday situations Situations such as eating with other people, shaking hands.
  • Obstacles to professional success, e.g. job interviews

Treat the fingernails like your own children

Where does fingernail biting come from? What are you compensating for? These are questions we will be asking. What is certain is that when you are under a lot of stress, nibbling serves as an outlet, effectively counteracting the overload on your nervous system. Deeply emotional events are not always associated with this stress symptom; a childhood experience is not always to blame. What exactly underlies the chewing, we will find out in hypnosis with effective methods in a few sessions.

The beauty of hypnosis? In the trance state, your subconscious mind is particularly susceptible to positive suggestions. We will permanently change and reset your inner evaluations. Stressful situations in which you reach for your finger will be redirected into relaxation. We show your subconscious other, more positive ways to unburden yourself. You are awake the whole time, we only give way to your subconscious for a short time. You’ll soon feel no desire to bite your fingernails.

Testimonials from clients who have stopped biting their fingernails with the help of hypnosis:

“Malte took away my initial skepticism right away. Since years of nail biting – a habit from childhood days – caused by university and private stress, this has now come to an end! It’s lasted for months now and I’m a lot more relaxed and happy with my long nails.”

“I had a hypnosis session with Malte and have finally stopped biting my nails for months now! I have tried so many things and can hardly believe that I have now managed to overcome this with your help. I would always highly recommend you and felt very comfortable at the practice. Thank you !!!!”

Beautiful and well-groomed hands – a relief for life!

If you suffer from compulsive nail biting and would like to finally have beautiful, handsome nails again, feel free to call us or fill out the contact form. In a personal and free telephone consultation we clarify all questions for your individual session.

Chew fingernails habit