Bernhard Tewes

Bernhard Tewes: Founder of the Kiez Hypnosis & HypnoBox App,
Naturopath for psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and hypnoanalysis,
Certified Hypnotherapist of NGH

Bernhard Tewes Kiez Hypnosis, HypnoBox, Hypnosis

About Bernhard

“Easily the most impactful experience in my life was my own smoking cessation through hypnosis. I had been through countless quit attempts and was really desperate. After only three hours of the session I felt as if I had never smoked! I quickly realized that I too wanted to master this method perfectly and show people a path to freedom with my own style.

As a former event manager and trained event manager, I know very well the everyday stress, the pressure to perform and the demands of everyday life. It is therefore particularly important to me to offer an effective approach to stress, anxiety and blockages.”

Known for innovative hypnosis methods, Bernhard released HypnoBox in 2017, the most comprehensive self-hypnosis app in the world. It can also be downloaded free of charge in English and Spanish from the App and Play Store.

As a mentor, he supports numerous hypnotherapists, as well as the hypnosis talent Malte Kröll, who has expanded the team of the Kiez Hypnose Praxis since 2020 .

Bernhard Tewes, born 1980, grew up in Osnabrück and is a trained event manager (IHK).

Bernhard’s focus

Hypno-Innovation Award 2018

“Hypno-Innovation Award 2018” awarded by the International Hypnosis Congress in Zurich.

Hypno-Innovation Award Winner Bernhard Tewes (HypnoBox, Kiez Hypnose Berlin) and Hansruedi Wipf

Hypnosis trainings

  • Dr. Norbert Preetz, Institute for Clinical Hypnosis Magdeburg (Master)
  • Dr. Michael Yapko, USA, specialist for depression
  • Dr. Edwin Yager, USA, Subliminal Therapy / Yager Code
  • Dr. Gunther Schmidt, hypnosystemic trauma therapy, Heidelberg
  • Dirk Treusch, HypnoPlus, Darmstadt
  • ICHP – Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy, Sven Frank
  • Hypnosis for children, Kerstin Freudenberg, Vienna
  • iEMDR, Ray Popoola, Zurich
  • HypnoSex, Stephanie Schenk, Zurich
  • The Simpson Protocol, Ines Simpson, Canada
  • Active Hypnosis, Claude Ribaux, Switzerland
  • Mental Coaching, Thomas Baschab, Munich
  • NLP-Practitioner (certified by Richard Bandler, co-founder NLP)
  • New Code NLP-Practitioner (certified by John Grinder, co-founder NLP)
  • System23, Hypnotherapy23, Alexander Hartmann
  • Nonverbal hypnosis (hypnogenic zones/mesmerism), Friedbert Becker
  • Carcinos – Supporting cancer therapy with hypnosis, Ina Ostroem
  • Pain control & first aid with hypnosis, Ina Ostroem, Netherlands
  • Ways out of addiction, Kerstin Freudenberg & Bernhard Tewes
  • Instant Hypnosis, Sean Michael Andrews, USA
  • Quick hypnosis, Thimon von Berlepsch, Berlin


  • National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH), largest and oldest hypnosis association in the world
  • Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy – ICHP
  • Institute for Clinical Hypnosis Magdeburg
  • Member of the BERUFSVERBAND DER HYPNOSETHERAPEUTEN e.V. (Professional Association of Hydropathic Therapists).
  • Member of the DHV, German Association for Hypnosis e.V.

Instructor / Trainer / Instructor for

Flow State® Hypnosis (Active Awake Hypnosis)

Flow State Hypnosis

The team of Kiez Hypnose

Bernhard Tewes

Bernhard Tewes

  • Innovations Award Winner
  • Founder of the HypnoBox App
  • Hypnotherapist
  • Mentor & Trainer
  • Alternative practitioner psychotherapy
Malte Kröll

Malte Kröll

Sara Tewes

Sara Tewes

  • Children's Hypnosis
  • Heilpraktikerin Psych.

Insights into the practice and work of Kiez Hypnose Berlin

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