Workshop Out of Body Consciousness
a heart awareness journey

„The deepest experience I ever had – without drugs!“

Martin after our AfrikaBurn Workshop 2023


„“I felt high through presence.““


What to expect…

This guided journey is designed to help you reconnect with your heart, natural intuition, deep emotions, and authentic self by harnessing the power of breath, gaze, and conscious awareness. Throughout this process, you will remain in a holistic, all-embracing conscious state beyond the confines of the body. By immersing yourself in this heightened awareness, you can dissolve self-imposed barriers and cultivate a simultaneous connection with yourself and others. As a result, you can open up a space to receive love, connection, truth, and expand into your limitless being.

This technique facilitates the synchronization of the electromagnetic flow between the brain and the heart, allowing for an uninterrupted flow of vital energy. Consequently, you will experience a significant reduction in stress and anxiety, while gaining clarity and trust in yourself, your intuition, and your inner stability. The profound joy that arises from resonating with the feeling of loving awareness and connection, which already exists within you, can provide a transformative experience of wholeness.

Amazing for couples, lovers and friends. If you come solo, we will couple you up with someone, no problemo.



19:00 Doors open & welcome tea

19:20 Door closes & Event starts – no late entry possible!

21:30 End of event


Your facilitators:

Julia Schlagenhauf & Bernhard Tewes

„Our mission is to connect people. With themselves and others.“

Introducing Julia SchlagenhaufPsychologist and dedicated workshop facilitator. With her passion for empowering minds and transforming lives, Julia brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and a compassionate approach to her work.

Julia holds a deep understanding of the human psyche, and her expertise lies in helping individuals navigate through life’s challenges and reach their full potential. With a strong educational background in psychology and years of hands-on experience, she has honed her skills to create transformative workshop experiences for diverse groups of participants.

Introducing Bernhard Tewes: Hypnotherapist at Kiez Hypnose Berlin, Founder of Conscious Kiez, CEO of HypnoBox – the Hypnosis App, keynote speaker, and trainer. With his expertise in hypnotherapy and his passion for unlocking the power of the mind, Bernhard has empowered countless individuals to achieve remarkable personal growth and positive change.

Bernhard’s workshops are carefully designed to awaken the innate abilities of the human mind and facilitate profound shifts in perspective, behavior, and overall well-being. He shares his deep knowledge of the mind-body connection, empowering participants to tap into their inner resources and create lasting positive change in their lives.

With his warm and engaging facilitation style, Bernhard creates a safe and supportive space for workshop participants to explore their subconscious minds, discover hidden potential, and overcome limiting beliefs.


CONSCIOUS KIEZ – The Self-Experience Room

A safe space in the heart of the urban jungle of Berlin to explore, connect, and ground to the inner self. CONSCIOUS KIEZ has the aim of providing a conducive environment for individuals to engage in exploration of the self through conscious offerings like meditation, hypnosis, tantra and many more. The space is inspired by roots of Africa, helping you connect to the ancient roots of the inner self.

We would like to invite more conscious workshop providers to fill up the evening and weekend available slots in the event space. Contact us here.

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