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Andrea Petznick:

"I am finally a non-smoker, thank you Bernhard!!! Kiez Hypnose Berlin was one of my most beautiful experiences, initial contact was via the internet (great website!), Bernhard called back and we had a great conversation that built trust and took away my initial doubts. Second contact was with a questionnaire, which was really well thought through, followed by the confirmation of the scheduled appointment. The final encounter took place in a great atmosphere. Everything was just perfect!

I remain non-smoker, thank you Bernhard!!!"

Andry V:

"At Kiez Hypnose, Berlin I had the most amazing Hypno-experience I could ever imagine!! From the first moment Bernhard makes you feel at home, his praxis is so wonderful decorated and the variety of his chairs to choose is unique!! During the whole session I felt this experience as I was in a pleasant 4D movie! The comfy chair, the warming blanket, his calming voice and professional skills plus his unique technique by adding lively sounds and music with the right frequencies made this whole experience get on another level! The only thing you might not like, is when he tells you to open your eyes, as this means this lovely experience came to an end and you might just want to continue!! :) But most important of all was the outcome of this!! Feeling so powerful, energetic and creative shows that this so simple yet amazing journey is transforming you 100% even from the 1st appointment!! Definitely worth it a try!!! Thank you Bernhard Tewes! You are a charismatic person and am sure you are doing exactly what you are meant to! Giving therapies from the heart is not a common thing!!! Sure to be back soon!!!"

Andreas Hernandez:

"My expectations were exceeded by Kiez Hypnose by far. Right after the first session I felt more light-hearted and less worried. However, I would have never expected in my wildest dreams that my blockage that developed over years would disappear after only 4 days of the first session. The very beautiful and intense experiences of the second and third session helped me to get rid of years of emotional baggage and let go of certain aspects of my past. Now, a week after my last session, I feel, in fact, as free and happy as I have been in years. Thank you very much for your help, Bernhard! "    

Beate Bohmbach:

"I felt really at ease in Bernhard’s practice. It is comfortable and quiet, and with a great variety of relaxation furniture. Bernhard himself has a high degree of empathy and the necessary intuition for sensitive issues. From the first contact, there was plenty of information and exchange and I always had the feeling of being taken seriously. I would like to emphasise particularly that Bernhard was always well prepared for me and my topic, which I found made a personal and individual hypnosis possible in the first place, hence my absolute recommendation without limitation :-)" 

Gabriele Ahrling:    

"I want to thank Bernhard here expressly for showing me the way to a new attitude to life. I was able to solve my blockages and I can only advise anyone: whatever your goal is, you can make it. Bernhard will lead you in the right direction. Yes, it is quite expensive. But only you alone can decide how much you are willing to invest in the achievement of your goals. I'm still a bit surprised that it works so well, but I experience it every day. I know that many people first try many other ways to solve their problem. Based on my experience, I recommend you to take the shortcut: hypnosis can help you to achieve your goals!"    

Chaca Jacobson:

"I can only recommended people to to use the many advantages connected to hypnoses. I have now visited Bernhard 2 times and soon I will be having me 3rd session. I have been dealing with some bad habits which I have been struggling to control, however I was not possible to deal with that all by my self. I was very pleasant surprised about the effect Bernhard had on those habits."

Юля Хруслова:

"I'm feeling absolutely great processes in my mind after hypnosis experience. Thank you so much! And keep doing it)"

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