Stop Teeth Grinding – Bruxism with Hypnosis

Teeth grinding is a stress symptom that often occurs together with other stress symptoms, such as tinnitus, muscle tension in the head and shoulder area, or sleep disorders. In some cases, bruxism comes with anxiety disorders, burnout, or depression. 

Although bite splints prevent tooth abrasion and muscular tension in the jaw area, they only treat the symptom and not the underlying psychological stress.

All bruxism clients who visit my practice suffer to a greater or lesser extent from emotional stress, either related to current stressful experiences or to unresolved emotional conflicts of the past. These may have occurred decades ago, but they are still stored in the emotional memory. Resolving emotional conflicts means less mental stress and fewer stress symptoms such as bruxism. Therefore, cause-oriented hypnosis is well suited for the treatment of bruxism.

Another advantage of hypnosis for bruxism is the muscular relaxation that is part of the trance state. Within a short time, patients can learn self-hypnosis and thus have an active part in their recovery, complementary to the cause-oriented treatment.

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