Heal Dental Phobia with Hypnosis

A dental appointment is pure horror for some people. That is why they repeatedly postpone it or they do not take dental problems seriously. Yet with professional hypnosis and specialised dental practices, these fears can be dealt with and reduced.

Hypnosis as a Tool for Phobic Patients

If a sympathetic dentist is not enough to relax patients with phobia of dentists, the use of hypnosis is a possible alternative. This way, general anaesthesia and the associated risks can be avoided. An increasing number of dentists are therefore working with professional hypnotists. In this respect, Kiez Hypnose partners with the group practice Leipziger14.de.


This gentle and natural method allows patients to drop their phobia. That's how it works: the hypnotist's suggestions serve to distract the patient's thoughts, which is supported with relaxing music. The result is that the patient can endure the dentist treatment in a relaxed manner and with a steady pulse. Often the sensation of pain can also be eliminated this way. The patients are conscious, keep their free will and thus can interfere any time they want. Hypnosis gives phobia patients the chance to overcome their fears and to have healthy teeth without taking any risk.

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