Your session preparation

Welcome to your personal session preparation!

To get the maximum effect out of your hypnoses it is important to prepare well and develop the right attitude. Please take the time to do this preparation once right after signing up and once the day before our first session. This preparation saves us an entire session that most therapists spend educating about hypnosis. I want to get into the crucial processes with you as quickly as possible and hope you enjoy the information.

1. what is hypnosis? – 04:02 min

2. hypnosis preparation

Please listen to this audio file to prepare for the session (about 12 minutes).

Session Preparation Audio Session Preparation Hypnosis Audio.mp3 MP3 Audio File 28.7 MB


3. practice self-hypnosis with my hypnosis app, HypnoBox.

HypnoBox - The Hypnosis App

Of course, audio self-hypnosis via app can’t compare to a professional and personal hypnosis with me in my practice, but you can already practice going into a relaxation and listening to my voice. The download is free and you can test 3 sessions for free. You need a smartphone that runs iOS or Android operating system. How often? As often as you like. We do the intensive work here in the practice and then I show you that you are really hypnotized!

HypnoBox App Store
HypnoBox at Google Play

4. procedure of the first meeting, Selection of a relaxation furniture

At Kiez Hypnose you have the choice in which relaxation furniture you would like to experience your hypnosis. You can have a look at them here, but of course you don’t have to decide yet. Before we start, you can try it out and see where you feel most comfortable. After the test lying there is usually still a short toilet break for you. In that time I can prepare the technique and the. For technical reasons you can only experience the vibrations of HypnoExperience in the chaise longue or in the Zero Gravity chair. If you feel more comfortable in another piece of furniture, that is more important than the vibrations. I’ll be happy to advise you on this when you’re on site. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable. By the way, you also get a warm blanket.   The flow of the first session is something like this:  
  1. Preliminary discussion and clarification of all open questions
  2. Test lying and selection of the relaxation furniture
  3. Toilet break (you can of course go at any time if you need to).
  4. Hypnosis
  5. Follow-up
The day bed from the 50s

5. access to the practice

The day bed from the 50s

To get to me, you do NOT have to enter the medical building, but take the glass door on the left with the inscription “Kiez Hypnose”. From 5 minutes before our appointment I am ready for you and the tea is ready made.

If you should ever be early, there is a comfortable rocking bench in front of the practice for you to wait on, weather permitting. If the weather is not so good, there is a sofa to sit on in the pharmacy next door. Alternatively, there is the café “Lachmann’s” right next door, opening hours 12-18 hrs.

My exact address is:

Petersburger Platz 3,
10249 Berlin-Friedrichhain

The nearest tram is the M10, stop “Straßmannstrasse”.

6th Arte documentary: The miraculous powers of hypnosis (09/17)

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