Release blockades for a free life

We grow up in an environment whose beliefs and values we adopt. Or we fight it tooth and nail. Both can lead to blockages that prevent us from living happily, we move away from the natural, value-free state. A life of freedom takes a lot of courage.

What do your beliefs look like? How do your values shape up at work, in your relationship, in raising your children? Do you often get to a point where you don’t know what to do? On which you curse yourself inwardly for your views – even though you have learned and manifested them over decades?

Hypnosis against blockages

Conventional therapies often have a long way to go before inner blockages can be dealt with. In cause-oriented hypnosis, the blockage dissolves quickly and effectively within a few sessions. By opening and processing your subconscious through a gentle, natural trance – after all, we find ourselves in a trance day after day when we go to sleep or wake up – we are able to uncover and completely reconnect the assessments we have learned. We make room for a wide horizon in you. You can unfold your true personality and open yourself to new relationships. Your run against the same wall is over.

Special techniques against special blockages

The Tewes Technique, which I use in my practice, can be applied to different personality types; it is characterized by flexibility. Gently we dissolve your disturbing evaluations and transform them into positive ones. Enjoy your life, become the master of your thoughts. What you believe in is still up to you.

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Solve blockades with hypnosis